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The Countdown to 2012 continues … post 8.


Good Evening, fellow lightworkers and earth angels and newcomers to my website! Welcome to the eighth post of the countdown. (If you missed the pre-countdown post dated 12/13/11, you may enjoy reading that one first. You can also click on the tag “Countdown” at the end of this post and all the countdown posts will pop up. Just scroll to the bottom for the very first one.)



As it turns out, people on Earth are having a lot of sex. And also, people are doing quite a few drugs, and often. In contrast, people are not getting as much restorative sleep as they ideally would. There’s a divine purpose behind our human drive to seek sleep. During deep “slow-wave” sleep or delta sleep, when our brain waves slow down to between 0.5–2 Hz, the soul merges with God which is deeply restorative. (If you have ever awakened feeling totally refreshed, you probably cycled through several delta phases without awakening between them to go to the bathroom or being awakened by some external noise or touch. More on how to enjoy that high quality of sleep more often, coming up.) During REM sleep, the part of the sleep cycle during which we dream, another divine purpose is served as well. Think of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep as an excretory mechanism of the subconscious mind. It allows us to get out (excrete) all the random images and sensations that crossed our minds briefly during the day, in addition to acknowledging and then excreting those images/topics we were afraid to consider or disturbed us too much to fully process during our waking hours, through our dreams. Often, the dreams that cause us to wake up are the ones that our soul simply wants us to think about — and feel about — briefly before going back into a restorative sleep state.



Our survival instinct compels us to sleep. In many ways, the survival instinct, which also compels us to mate, eat, drink water, and seek protection from the elements, is a tool that God uses to make sure the entire species survives, not only by compelling us to meet our survival needs but to protect ourselves from emotional pain such as sadness, shame and the danger of not perceiving ourselves as existing which compels us to seek human mirrors who share the same — or at least a similar — perception of our Self as the one we have of our Self. The compulsion to sleep allows God a way to ensure that we will merge back into Oneness without having to die to do it! And the combination of REM sleep and delta (deep) sleep during a healthy sleep cycle is God’s way of ensuring that we not only merge back into Oneness but excrete the emotional and mental residue and waste (think of it as “mind excrement” or “awareness phlegm”) of our waking hours via a good night’s sleep.



Two things make it harder for our soul to merge with God during sleep: one is causal and one associated. Both are mentioned in the title of this blog post. The first is drugs. Any mind-altering chemical in our bloodstream will prevent us from merging into Oneness with God. Interestingly, the brain of a person so drunk that they pass out is operating at delta wavelengths. But the person’s soul is not merging into Oneness with God because of the alcohol. The REM sleep doesn’t even come close to wiping the slate clean because it is working overtime to excrete the emotional and mental waste of the drunken period of time spent awake, and doesn’t even get a chance to start on excreting the emotional and mental waste of the normal waking hours. (Kind of like if you started working out an hour a day on the StairMaster but then added a whole pie to your breakfast meal. You just canceled out the 600 calories burned on the machine plus added 1200 more — give or take, depending on the pie and your metabolism and your rates of resistance and speed on the StairMaster.) Now, a glass of wine and even a cup or two of coffee have both been shown to have health benefits in double blind studies. The key is to go to sleep after the chemicals are completely out of your system. Every body is different. For me, it takes a full seven to eight hours after drinking coffee or espresso for it to leave my system. One glass of wine is out of my system in two hours. The interesting thing that happens as the heart opens is that the desire to love replaces all desire to feel buzzed, high or drunk.



The second thing that makes it harder for our soul to merge with God during sleep is sex without love. Now, sex without love doesn’t cause us to be unable to merge back into Oneness. Rather, it causes the heart to close which makes the challenges of life on Earth harder to address with acknowledgment and then to follow that acknowledgment with progressive action that leads to solutions that bring Joy to ourselves and others. Then, once the heart is closed, we often become addicted to a Rush of Relief (see postscript at very bottom of post) that allows us to feel temporary respite from the pain that Separation from God allows us to feel during life, pain that we perceive more intensely when we don’t how to forgive. What provides this rush of relief from pain? It could be anything but for many human beings it is often a combination of sex and drugs. Then going to sleep with drugs in our system prevents us from merging into Oneness with God during delta sleep and cleaning the slate during REM sleep … you can see where this is going. The next morning we wake up feeling an awful lot like crap. So we use more drugs and have more sex without love to get relief. Then that night, we again skip Oneness with God and a vicious cycle ensues. Not all lightworkers have had — or desire to have — sex without love if the alternative, Oneness with our Soulmate, isn’t available. I am generalizing in this paragraph; of course not everyone has sex without love or uses mind- and emotion-altering substances.



Something else happens when we have sex without love: our chakras merge with the other person’s — along with our soul — and we exchange arcs of energy flowing back and forth between each chakra. When there is not a mutual desire for each other’s happiness (when we love someone, we desire their happiness), we end up taking on their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakra issues! And they take on ours. Their 6th chakra vision of our sense of Self — our self-image — and their 6th chakra vision of our future influence our vision of our future and our image of our Self. Yes, we influence theirs as well, and this is why it is doubly important not only to realize this effect of sex without love on our own 6th chakra, but the implications of this effect on our soulmate, his or her 6th chakra, his or her 6/2 mirror, and all the other areas of his or her life too!



Not only will our own issues effect this person, whoever they are, wherever they are, now all the issues of any of our past and present sexual partners will too because of the chakra mirror math. If you are not familiar with the chakra math that reveals the hidden 8th chakra, here is part of the blurb/synopsis from the back cover of Chakra Mirror Math:


The chakra mirror math reveals your hidden 8th chakra. Your 7th chakra is mirrored by your 1st and 7 + 1 = 8. Your 6th chakra is mirrored by your 2nd and 6 + 2 = 8. Your 5th chakra is mirrored by your 3rd and 5 + 3 = 8. The Heart Chakra remains and 4 + 4 = 8. This secondary Heart Chakra is your soulmate’s Heart Chakra, and your degree of openheartedness is directly mirrored by that person’s. Your soulmate’s 4th chakra is your 8th chakra. This secret chakra is the chakra that you influence, and that influences you, no matter how near or far apart you and your soulmate may be on the physical plane. What this means is that even if you do not know the identity of this person, the act of love in your life is the gift of love to their life.


The most unique element of the chakra mirrors between soulmates is that one partner’s 7th chakra can (will!) influence the other partner’s 1st chakra. And vice versa. And one partner’s 6th chakra will influence the other partner’s 2nd. And vice versa. And one partner’s 5th chakra will influence the other partner’s 3rd. And vice versa. It all goes back to the heart. The 4/4 mirror — in which one person’s heart chakra will influence inexorably the other partner’s heart chakra, and vice versa — is the key! Now, this element of the mirrors — a true reflection of the degree of openness — is only present in soulmate relationships.  So let’s say you are in a romantic relationship right now but not with your soulmate. If you start forgiving this person daily, which will cause your 4th chakra to open, it will definitely cause your current partner’s heart to open too, but not necessarily to the same degree. In fact, the more your heart opens, the more clear it will become, via an open third eye which allows us to see the ideal vision our soul holds for our lifepath up in our 6th chakra, that this person is not your soulmate.



Now if you’ve been following the “Countdown to 2012″ so far, you’ll recall Post 6 on psychic attack & the 6/2 chakra mirror: psychic attack is rooted in the 6th chakra but reflected down in the 2nd chakra. In a fascinating way, the most insidious type of psychic attack possible is the false image of another person and false visions of their future we hold in our own mind’s eye and soul’s eye (our third eye) when we envision ourselves with them forever when they are not truly our soulmate. This can happen because we met them when our heart was closed and so the 6th chakra visions are romantic fantasies based in the survival instinct’s compulsion to mate and procreate and/or based in the compulsion to find our identity through a “we” instead of an “I” in order to avoid any shame and sadness we associate with being single. When the heart is open, we are impelled by the open 4th chakra’s desire to love rather than the need to be loved. And if our soulmate is not present, we give the gift of our love to humanity.



Forgiving daily opens the heart chakra, and with every prayer we give for humanity’s collective happiness (Joy, which is the ability to feel God’s Love), the gap between each pair of soulmates on Earth shrinks. We might ask, “Who to forgive first?” How about our soulmate! Let’s ask God to heal all pairs of soulmates on Earth of all pain and sadness and fill them all with Joy. Has one hurt the other in any way? Simply ask God to heal both people, fill them with Joy, and to prevent both parties from hurting anyone else in the same way they hurt each other in the past. Forgiveness heals pain and prevents future pain of the same nature. How? By filling us with Joy. When we can feel God’s Love, we do not hurt others. Why? Because we have no desire to.



Angel blessings for deep restorative sleep & prayers for blissful reunion with your soulmate in 2012!

~Snow Angel ^i^



Post Script:

Sleep is an element of the 7/1 Authority/Survival mirror, a.k.a the God/Money mirror because God, the ultimate authority, compels us via the Survival Instinct to sleep in order to both survive and thrive. When the heart is open, we are profoundly aware of our own autonomy (chakra 7) and begin to thrive (chakra 1), first as individuals, then as a whole, as humanity’s collective heart chakra opens.

A few interesting things that are covered in Chakra Mirror Math but just got too long for this post:

*the Rush of Relief (that is the title of a whole chapter in CMM)

*how sex can be addictive, especially for lightworkers; people who become addicted to sex are often seeking the Oneness that the merge with God during Delta sleep, ironically, would provide; and this addiction is exacerbated by the desire almost everyone experiences at some point in life to find and merge with the other half of their soul, in order to know Oneness right here on Earth

*Oneness with our Soulmate is Oneness with God; sex with Love with our Soulmate is how we are able to experience the awareness of Oneness by being able to contrast it with the moment of Separation before and after



*Excellent description of the stages of sleep on Wikipedia

*God (Thanks, God, for the miraculous connection to the internet tonight — makes no sense, but I’m not going to argue with Awesome)







The Countdown to 2012 continues … post 6.


Good Morning, fellow lightworkers and earth angels and newcomers to my website! Welcome to the sixth post of the countdown. (If you missed the pre-countdown post dated 12/13/11, you may enjoy reading that one first. You can also click on the tag “Countdown” at the end of this post and all the countdown posts will pop up. Just scroll to the bottom for the very first one.)



Psychic attack is a part of many people’s lives, and lightworkers and other sensitive people tend to be very aware of it. During this time of seasonal celebration, we often experience feelings of dread when we know we’re going to be around particular friends and/or family members and this is because of impending psychic attack. At the core of psychic attack is another person’s desire for something that we do not also desire. So someone you know could desire your unhappiness and you could desire your happiness. If their desire is more intense than yours — and because you are now both in close physical proximity which intensifies psychic attack — the energy of the two conflicting desires will clash and cause both people emotional pain. I hope this helps to put psychic attack into perspective: the person doing the psychic attacking is actually already in pain, that’s why they psychically attacked in the first place!



Psychic attack is an element of the 6/2 chakra mirror, the Vision/Creativity mirror. When I teach the basics of the chakra system, I start right off the bat with an easy way to remember the order and subjects of the chakras. Starting at the bottom and going up to the 7th chakra, we have Money (1st), Sex (2nd), Power (3rd), Love (4th), Communication (5th), Vision (6th), Authority (7th). These nic-names oversimplify the information and are meant only to help you quickly recall the chakras and their order: the first chakra pertains to survival, but most humans use money to purchase those items (food, shelter, etc.) necessary for survival; and the second chakra pertains to creativity and procreativity, but for most people, their identity is firmly anchored to their sexual preference and number of (or lack of) offspring and so it consistently refers to sex and sexuality-derived elements of life on Earth. The energy we use to create new life is the same energy we use to create new aspects of our life, including bursts of drive to start a new project or even to clean the house. (We’ll get to the other chakras in future posts — or if you would like to read the first 44 pages of Chakra Mirror Math now, click here.)



The third eye is part of the 6th chakra and when it is open, because the heart is open (forgiving daily opens the fourth chakra which in turn causes all the other chakras to open), we can clearly see our soul’s original vision for our lifepath. Not only is this vision seen, it is known through impassioned desire to take specific actions that will bring joy to ourselves and others, through productive (and/or reproductive) action that emanates from the 2nd chakra. For those whose hearts are closed, this second chakra action is often destructive which corresponds, via the 6/2 mirror, to images of a painful unhappy future. In our example of cleaning the house above, that 2nd chakra constructive action corresponds to the vision we hold up in our 6th chakra of beauty and organization in our home.



So when someone is psychically attacking us, their 6th chakra vision of our future conflicts with our own. When our heart is open — remember, it all goes back to the 4th chakra — psychic attack will feel more like a psychic tap. If you’ve ever had someone with a big winter coat on brush you lightly while you too were wearing a thick heavy winter coat, you know you barely feel it but you are still aware that someone touched you. This is what psychic attack feels like the more open the heart is. You’ll realize, “Oh, someone’s holding a false image of me [of your personality/identity] or a false vision of my future. Hmmm … I’ll forgive them real quick.” Or, you might realize, “Oh, this person desires my unhappiness/failure/poverty/infertility/impotence/etc. right now. Time to forgive.” Forgiveness opens the heart of the person doing the forgiving and the heart of the person being forgiven. This can be a slow but sure process — in other words, you may have chosen at the soul level to live or work around a group of people you will be regularly forgiving as part of your world-service. Or it can be much more dramatic; someone you know may have been waiting at the soul level for a long long time for this burst of divine love (that you become the conduit for every time you forgive) to heal them of all pain and sadness and fill them with Joy. When we can feel God’s Love, expressed as Joy or one of a myriad of other emotions, we don’t psychically attack others because we have no desire to! This is why forgiveness as a success strategy makes so much sense and is so inherently logical. Forgiving heals pain. Forgiving prevents pain. Forgiving prevents pain because it heals pain.



Now if you don’t have the time to close your eyes — right in the middle of passing the mincemeat pie — and say the forgiveness prayer (“Please, God, let me be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Love, please let _______ be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Love, and please don’t let _______ hurt anyone else in the same way ______ hurt me by psychically attacking me. Please let us both be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy by the power of your Love.”) which has 4 components, a desire for the forgiver’s healing, a desire for the forgivee’s healing, a desire for the prevention of future pain of the same nature, and a desire for both people to be filled with Joy, a neat trick you can use in any group situation is to request and receive love from the guardian angels of everyone present. Please pull a memory of a past gathering from your mind and visualize where everyone was sitting or standing. Now, imagine the beautiful radiant guardian angels standing right behind them! See, grandma’s guardian angel just winked at you. In all seriousness, they are all present and aware of the degree of pain or pleasure (joy) that everyone in the room is experiencing. And they all desire the happiness — the ability to feel God’s Love — of everyone in that room. So tonight or tomorrow or whenever you’ll be celebrating one of these winter holidays, request and receive a burst of divine love from the guardian angels in the room in order to stay radiant in the midst of psychic attack. Imagine the hands of your own guardian angel, standing right behind you, warm on your shoulder and waves of light and love beaming from the heart of God to the heart of your guardian angel into your heart, enveloping you in a cocoon of love and joy. Then imagine the same for everyone in the room!



In the year 2012, we can engage in this same act of service and love for the whole world by requesting and receiving love from the guardian angels of everyone present in any group situation we find ourselves in, and by imagining the cocoon of love enveloping every person we see.



Angel blessings and prayers for a wonderful happy holiday,


Snow Angel











Please enjoy the first three chapters of Chakra Mirror Math …


Chakra Mirror Math


An Open Letter to Lightworkers from Snow Angel

Chapter One : Chakra Mirrors: the Mirror, the Math, and Etheric Body Basics
Chapter Two: The Nature of Love as a Desire for Justice
Chapter Three: Angels: the Embodiment of Mercy
Chapter Four: Your Soul, Your Survival Instinct: A Match Made on Earth
Chapter Five: Rush of Relief
Chapter Six: Getting What You Deserve
Chapter Seven: The Nature of Love as Forgiveness
Chapter Eight: The Third Chakra & the Nature of Power and Control
Chapter Nine: Dimmer Switch Syndrome
Chapter Ten: Empathy: the Link between Physical and Emotional Pain & Pleasure
Chapter Eleven: Imprints & Blueprints: Full Circle
Chapter Twelve: Who’s deep inside your 4th Chakra?
Chapter Thirteen: Opening Your Heart and Shining your Light is the
Key to Opening Humanity’s Collective Heart
Appendix A: The Forgiveness Method
Appendix B: The Forgiveness Method for Self-Forgiveness
Appendix C: Lightworker’s Meditation
Appendix D: Recommended Reading



An Open Letter to Lightworkers from Snow Angel

Greetings and welcome to Chakra Mirror Math, the path to an open heart that addresses each chakra and transforms it into a steppingstone that leads to greater Radiance: that is, the ability to clearly broadcast our own soul’s light regardless of events unfolding in our periphery. The chakra mirror math reveals the 8th chakra and the four chakra mirrors. The 7th chakra is mirrored by the 1st and 7 + 1 = 8; the 6th chakra is mirrored by the 2nd and 6 + 2 = 8; and the 5th chakra is mirrored by the 3rd and 5 + 3 = 8. This leaves us with the 4th chakra, and so we ask ourselves, “What plus four equals eight?” Four. Your soulmate’s 4th chakra is your 8th chakra. And your 4th chakra is that person’s 8th chakra.

Each of the chakra mirrors can be approached as a dual steppingstone on a path of Spirit that leads initially to our own open heart, then to our soulmate’s open heart, and finally to humanity’s collective heart chakra opening, which will cause and sustain harmony on Earth. Your 8th chakra is the hidden chakra that you influence, and that influences you, whether or not you are in contact with your soulmate or have even ever met that person. Forgiveness causes an open heart chakra which in turn causes, and sustains, the opening of all the other chakras, including your soulmate’s heart. In other words, even if you do not know the identity of your soulmate, the act of forgiveness in your life is the gift of forgiveness to their life.

Humanity is currently making the shift from Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm to New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm, the shift that will bring about Heaven on Earth. Hundreds of thousands of earth angels and lightworkers are here to accelerate that shift through their embodiment of faith, mercy, and forgiveness. As a messenger who works with Archangel Michael and the Angels of Truth, I am currently on Earth to teach as many people as I can reach in my lifetime how to forgive because forgiveness is the key to an open heart chakra.

Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm is anchored in the third chakra, the solar plexus. It is based in shaming, withholding love, punishment, and justice as compensation for injustice. New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm is anchored in the fourth chakra, the heart. It is based not in approval, but acceptance; not in loving conditionally, but loving anyway; not only in the absence of punishment, but in second chances to make amends. Within the context of Mercy, Justice is transformed into a framework that inspires the prevention of injustice from occurring in the first place. The open heart accepts life as a continuous stream of opportunities to forgive, and by forgiving, heal, those who have been unjust which simultaneously prevents them from hurting others in the same way in the future.

An open heart, or heart chakra, is the result of forgiving daily. Therefore the most effective action we can take to contribute to the ease and harmony of the shift from Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm to New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm is forgiving daily. However, forgiveness requires acknowledgment of the sadness that Separation from God allows. This means that neither the sadness nor the separation is an illusion; rather, it means that Separation allows a continuous stream of opportunities to forgive others. That is, to love them not because they have earned it with behavior that deserves it, but simply because they exist: to love the way that God does! It is only in an environment of not being able to feel God’s Love consistently and completely, through Separation, that we could receive these opportunities to forgive. Indeed, this is the first of two reasons God is allowing Separation: to know what it is to love for no other reason than because we can. That is power.

The second reason God is allowing Separation is to provide us with the ability to perceive Joy. Joy is the ability to feel God’s Love for us. When we say, “I’m happy,” what we are really saying is, “I can feel God’s Love for me right now.” When our souls were merged into Oneness with God in Heaven, we were experiencing Joy all the time, but we didn’t know it because we couldn’t perceive it in contrast to other emotions via Separation. Separation is not only real, it is God’s greatest gift to humanity because it allows us to perceive the bliss of Oneness through making love on Earth where our soul can experience merging with another soul and know the beauty of Oneness by contrasting it with the moment of Separation before and after.

Sadness, the polar opposite of Joy, is the indicator of a present inability to feel God’s Love. Sadness conflicts with the human survival instinct: we cannot work, protect and provide for ourselves or our offspring, or make the decision to fight or flee danger, and cry at the same time. This is why it is literally dangerous to acknowledge sadness. Forgiving is the antidote to Sadness because it fills (or refills) us with God’s Love. But, until we know how to forgive, it is not safe to acknowledge the Sadness we are feeling.

And until we acknowledge the Sadness, it won’t occur to us to forgive. A vicious circle ensues. Then, denying this sadness becomes a matter of Survival, which is how the concepts of Separation as an illusion and sadness as an illusion were born. In other words, if sadness isn’t real, then it can’t hurt us! If sadness is an illusion, then it can’t control us or cause us pain. This false logic allows us to deny the sadness and temporarily feel relief from the pain of Separation from God. In contrast, the act of forgiving transforms the pain of Separation from God (pain that includes, but is not limited to, sadness, anger, vengeance, and fear) back into Joy.

Separation allows us to momentarily be unable to feel God’s Love (Joy). This is why people hurt others: they could not feel God’s Love at the moment they took an action that caused pain. In fact, the question we might ask ourselves just before we forgive each day is: “do we understand that this person could not feel God’s Love when they hurt us (or another), and that’s why they hurt us (or another)?” When our heart is open, this natural empathy becomes our baseline emotion and is the foundation of New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm.

And forgiveness is a prayer. A prayer is a desire given to God. Where love is a desire for another person’s happiness, forgiveness is a desire for another person’s happiness anyway. The act of forgiving is the act of praying for ourselves and the other person to be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy (God’s Love). Once we can feel God’s Love again, we no longer hurt others. Why? Because we no longer have any desire to. Therein lies the miracle: by forgiving someone, we heal them. By healing them, we prevent them from hurting others in the same way they hurt us because they no longer desire to hurt others. Can you imagine a world where everyone forgives daily, each prayer veritably preventing more pain and sadness? Forgiveness is the way to Peace on Earth!

Because forgiving is the key to opening our hearts, I created the seven step Forgiveness Method. It invokes the love of the angels because angels embody the radiance of an open heart chakra. If you could take forgiveness – the desire for another person’s happiness, no matter what they’ve done, are doing, or are considering doing in the future – and create a being who personified that Love, you would have an angel, a being whose love for humanity is one hug away from God. In the same way that God loves us, the angels love us not because we have earned it with behavior that deserves it, but simply because we exist. They love us because they can’t not love us.

Forgiving refuels us with equal parts Inspiration and Drive. When we are inspired, we are filled with joyful awareness of our original plan for world service, the one we designed at the soul level before we were born. When we are driven, we are filled with all the desire, patience, and perseverance necessary to take the progressive action to reach those goals. Inspiration + Drive = Motivation, and when the lightworker’s heart is open, Motivation transcends to Passion. Forgiving is the way to recharge both the Inspiration and Drive batteries daily. The result? A lightworker who is motivated to the point of being impassioned. All the time and energy spent on self-improvement now expands into the fourth chakra based soul-desire to improve the world, not by saving it, but by serving it.

Lightworkers, do you want world peace? How about world joy? Forgiveness is the way! Please join me and Earth’s seven billion guardian angels in praying for everyone on Earth to be filled with God’s Love so that every breath we take is a breath closer to Heaven on Earth.

Snow Angel



chapter one

Chakra Mirrors: the Mirror, the Math, and Etheric Body Basics

The auric field, the personality overlay, the soul’s frequency, and each chakra’s intricacies: all of these etheric features work together like employees on an assembly line to connect us to opportunities to forgive that will open our heart and humanity’s collective heart chakra.

The Math
We all have eight chakras, and we all have a soulmate who has eight chakras. Our seventh and first chakras mirror each other and 7 + 1 = 8. Our sixth and second chakras mirror each other and 6 + 2 = 8. Our fifth and third chakras mirror each other and 5 + 3 = 8. This leaves one all important chakra, your fourth chakra, and 4 plus what is 8? Four. You eighth chakra is your soulmate’s heart chakra! Now, put your hand over your heart for a moment. Feel the beating underneath your palm? That is someone else’s eighth chakra. You may not know the person’s location or even their name, but you carry that person’s eighth chakra in your heart twenty-four hours a day.

Notice that the symbol for the number 8 is comprised of an interwoven pair of two whole o’s. From this symbol, we learn that our soulmate is our other half, and through the power of forgiveness to open our heart, transcends into being our other whole. The infinity symbol, or lemniscate, calls to mind the symbol for the number eight (8) which reminds us again of the eternal nature of the relationship between soulmates, one that transcends the Earthly confines of Space and Time.

The Mirror
What exactly does it mean if one chakra mirrors another? It means, first and foremost, that forgiving every time you become aware of not being able to feel God’s Love will cause your heart to open which will simultaneously cause your soulmate’s heart chakra to open, directly mirroring your own degree of openheartedness.
The second aspect of the chakra mirror effect is that challenges thought to be related solely to the first chakra in truth indicate the same degree of openness in the seventh chakra. And challenges thought to be solely related to the second chakra in truth indicate the same degree of openness in the sixth chakra, and likewise for the third and fifth chakras. For example, you can use forgiveness on any fifth chakra communication issue and cause a direct increase in your third chakra personal power at the same time. In the soulmate relationship, which most lightworkers have experienced or will experience (or experience again) during their current life on Earth, the same mirror is present. For example, your soulmate could address a sexual challenge (chakra two) with forgiveness and, consequently, your ability to clearly see your soul’s purpose and vision for your life (chakra six) would increase. This reflection is not present in non-soulmate romantic relationships. In those cases, the attraction is based not in the soul but from magnetic auric wounds in the personality overlay.

The ways in which the chakras mirror each other in the self and in the soulmate are endlessly fascinating and we’ll explore them in depth after first reviewing some chakra basics, including some additional helpful information about the personality overlay.

Etheric Body Basics: the Aura, the Personality Overlay, the Chakras & the Soul
Traditionally, there are seven chakras, or etheric concentrations of light and energy, in our auric field, each one corresponding to a different set of Earth life-related challenges. The aura is an extension of your soul’s frequency and floods the space directly surrounding your physical body with light visible only to the third eye (the eye of your soul) and sound audible only to God and the angels. The outermost ring of your aura is comprised of your personality overlay which is seen through the third eye as a layer of geometric patterns.

Imagine a hardboiled egg as a visual aid. Your soul is the firm yellow center, and your aura, the extension of your soul’s light, is the soft white sphere surrounding the yolk/soul. The shell is the personality overlay of complex geometric patterns, each shape emanating a request for an opportunity to forgive. The impetus behind these requests radiates from your soul in order to bring to the human personality the next opportunity to forgive that will specifically cause the heart to open even further. These geometric shapes or soul requests are magnetic. Therefore, each shape in the personality overlay draws you to others with the complementary geometric patterns that allow you both to experience the ideal sequence of opportunities to forgive that, if acknowledged and addressed with forgiving, will cause your heart chakra to open.

Now, imagine seven glowing stars stacked in a vertical line from the bottom of the egg to the top. In our metaphor, each star is a chakra. Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, but from the view of an open third eye, we would see seven stacked and overlapping spheres of light, rather than wheels or flat discs. Each one of these chakras acts as a liaison between the geometric patterns of your personality overlay, the auric field of light and sound that flood the space around your physical body, and your soul. By viewing each chakra as a steppingstone, we can frame our Earth Life (Separation) challenges as opportunities to forgive and take action to forgive daily. Miraculously, mirror by mirror, our heart opens, paving the way for every soul on Earth who follows.

The Chakras
The short names I’ve assigned to each chakra apply to most of humanity, as anchored in closed third chakra Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm. From the bottom, going up, we have Money, Sex, Power, Love, Communication, Vision, and Authority.

Traditionally, the first chakra has been known as the root chakra and pertains to aspects of survival. In our culture – the culture of lightworkers who tend to live and work in a modern civilization where barter is rare, and even though a significant percentage of us live communally, it is still a small number of us – it is primarily with Money that we attain Food, Water, and Shelter (the place to Sleep and get Protection from the elements). Later, we’ll address those people who receive Food, Water, and Shelter from someone else who is paying for it with Money. In New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm, we could call this chakra Revival because the power of Love transforms surviving to thriving.

Traditionally, the second chakra has been known as the sacral chakra and pertains to aspects of creativity including creating new life and sexual energy. When we aren’t channeling our second chakra energy into the amazing ability to create new life (procreating via sex), we are free to create an amazing new life for ourselves by taking action to create the life our soul envisions for us. Creative energy is Sexual energy. Whether we’re baking cookies or making love, we are creating, producing, or reproducing. Although most lightworkers consider themselves to be very creative, generally, human beings do not describe themselves as creative. Sex is a part of everyone’s life because sex caused everyone’s life. (We’ll explore the gray area of causing new life in other ways, which is part of the 7/1 mirror, later.) In New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm, we could call this chakra Creativity and refer to both procreation and the birth of creative solutions and concepts.

Traditionally, the third chakra has been known as the solar plexus chakra and pertains to aspects of Earth life dealing with leveraging control. Power is found only in Love, but because humanity remains entrenched in Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm, we confuse control with power. Anything dealing with negotiation, bartering, bargaining, sales, power-struggles (in truth, control-leveraging struggles), arguments, and many discussions, are all firmly anchored in the solar plexus, the place where “powerful” people, those with a lot of control over the lives of themselves and others, primarily operate. In New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm, the power of the third chakra, the real power of Love, the power to love and thus heal and thus prevent future pain of the same nature, expresses itself as Service.

Traditionally, the fourth chakra has been known as the heart chakra and pertains to aspects of Earth life that challenge us to love people anyway; that is, to forgive them. A prayer is the easiest and most effective way to desire that happiness because, in prayer, we give the desire to God and two amazing things happen: first, our heart opens that much more and second, the other person’s heart opens that much more. Women are born with an open heart chakra that closes after experiencing sex without love. Men are born with a closed heart chakra that opens after experiencing sex with love. Is that true of every single man and woman ever to live on the planet? No. It is generally true for most of humanity, within the context of Old J/V. The idea of unconditional love is derived from an opening heart chakra. However, describing love as unconditional is like describing water as wet or fire as hot. If it’s not unconditional, it’s not love. To draw a parallel, just as the “power” of the third chakra is usually control, in Old J/V, the “love” of the fourth chakra is frequently approval. Forgiveness is Love. Forgiveness is the purest expression of love because it precludes approval. In other words, we would not be forgiving if we approved of the behavior. We can approve of others and/or their actions and still truly and deeply desire their happiness, but only opportunities to forgive – to love others despite the fact that we do not approve of their actions – can allow us to love them the same way that God does. We could call this chakra Forgiveness in New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm and more completely acknowledge what is at the core of Love.

Traditionally, the fifth chakra has been known as the throat chakra and pertains to aspects of Earth life that involve communication, including spoken, written, nonverbal (body language), electronically transmitted (e-mail, text messages, tweets, etc.) and visual (art, advertising, theatrical) communication. Earlier, we learned that the chakras are spherical and that they overlap. Visual communication is a good example of this overlap between the 5th and 6th chakras. When our heart is closed, the fifth chakra mirrors the third by leveraging control with words as weapons, including insults, shaming with body language, nonverbal facial expressions that silently express disapproval, disgust or, at the other extreme, approval and superiority, and with written communication that engenders or perpetuates secrets, lies, or propaganda. When our heart is open, the Communication of the fifth chakra joyfully mirrors the Service of the third chakra and every word we speak, every e-mail we send, every letter we write, and every book we publish brings joy to others as part of our soul’s desire to serve. Communication is the fifth chakra’s focus in both paradigms.

Traditionally, the sixth chakra has been known as the third eye chakra and pertains to aspects of Earth life that involve our images of the future, including fear of what could happen or what we want to happen, in addition to pictures of the past, including memories that play over and over and nostalgia-based idealizations. Business plans, itineraries, schedules, and anything that involves an outline of what may happen in the future express the Vision of the sixth chakra. Vision is the sixth chakra’s focus in both paradigms, though images of the past are predominant in Old J/V while images of the future are predominant in New M/F. Please note that “powerful” (in the Old J/V control-leveraging sense) people focus more on the future. Even if their images are horrifying, they spend as much time dreaming of (brainstorming), imagining (developing) and visualizing (plotting) their future as any lightworker. When our heart is open, the Creativity of the second chakra is continuously flooding upward into the Vision of the sixth chakra, each chakra joyfully mirroring each other and co-creating and achieving goals that most ideally express our soul’s original vision for our lives based in the open-hearted desire in lightworkers to serve.

Traditionally, the seventh chakra has been known as the crown chakra and pertains to aspects of Earth life that involve Authority. The use of the word crown is an Old J/V reference to authority as a ruling entity, such as royalty with its ritualistic use of a crown. In this chakra, all past and present authority figures reign over and influence our feelings about God, especially our mother and father, the creators of our physical body, who through all their words and actions ingrain in us feelings about God, the creator of our soul. Our parents are our first rulers, so our feelings about their actions as governors of our early life set the tone for our feelings about government in general later in life. And because at the soul level everyone is aware that God is Love, all of our first experiences with authority, including those with our parents, teachers, religious leaders, government leaders and a myriad of other authority figures (police, doctors, dentists, firefighters, babysitters, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and others) shape – irrevocably – our feelings about God and Love. These experiences teach us whether or not we are loved and, via the first chakra mirror, whether or not we deserve to exist and even whether or not we will survive. In New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm, we could still call the seventh chakra Authority but when the heart is open, our innate sense of thriving floods up from the first chakra and into the seventh, instilling in us a sense of Autonomy that we tap into whenever life calls for a 7/1 mirror decision to be made regarding either survival or authority.

Forgiving Opens Every Chakra
Forgiving opens our heart, and an open heart causes the other chakras to open while a closed heart causes the other chakras to stay closed. This is why people sometimes conclude, “oh, I’m working on a fifth (or third, or sixth, etc.) chakra issue right now,” when in truth, every issue is a fourth chakra issue. Not knowing how to forgive caused the heart to close in the first place, and not forgiving is what keeps it – and all of the other chakras – closed. Forgiving treats the cause and the symptoms. After causing the heart to open and be flooded with Joy, forgiving naturally extends to flooding joy into the other areas of life: the money aspect, the sex aspect, the power aspect, the love aspect, the communication aspect, the vision of the present/past/future aspect, and the authority aspect. When the heart chakra is open, we naturally operate in New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm because all of the chakras are open.

Are the lower chakras really less enlightened?
The lower chakras simply reflect, via the chakra mirrors, the same strengths and challenges present in the upper chakras. No one would have arrived at this conclusion if they hadn’t been shamed for having desire for money, sex, or power at some point in the past. To put this in perspective, consider the difference between someone who desires to survive, to reproduce, or to serve others with their light and someone who desires to profit at the expense of others’ wellbeing, those who desire to use sex as a trap or a weapon, and those who desire to lie, cheat, and misrepresent the truth in order to feel gratified by leveraging more control than others. The lower chakras are simply indicators of the degree of openness of the fourth chakra. The idea that the lower chakras are not only physically lower, but somehow spiritually lower, is a new age inversion: a success strategy that treats the symptoms instead of the cause. In this case, if we associate negative concepts (symptoms) like greed, exploitation, deception, etc., with the lower chakras only, because we haven’t yet learned about the mirrors, the survival instinct will compel us to declare that all three lower chakras are less enlightened, thereby protecting ourselves from any sadness and shame we associate with greed, exploitation, deception, etc., when each one of those is in truth an indicator of a closed heart. A new age inversion seems beneficial initially, much like using steroids to suppress a rash instead of discerning what’s causing the rash. In this case, what keeps humanity entrenched in greed, sex without love, and power and control struggles is not the lower chakras, it is the closed heart. Forgiving opens the heart and all the other chakras as well.

Healing Auric Wounds in the Personality Overlay
Forgiving not only opens the heart, it fills the geometric patterns in our aura with divine love, neutralizing the magnetic properties – both the attracting and repelling properties – of the auric wounds in our personality overlay. Throughout this book, we’ll refer to these geometric patterns as impressions or imprints when they affect our personality, and we’ll refer to them as auric wounds or holes when they are causing our heart to stay closed because they continue to compel us to seek experiences similar to the one that created the original wound. Each of those terms conveys to you, the reader, a very clear visual picture of the aura, something that remains invisible for many of us. Some lightworkers offer drawings or other generated images of the matrix of geometric patterns in the aura. These are very beautiful to look at, even when the holes and patterns indicate a very painful past event that resulted in a deep auric wound.

The first and primary source of geometric patterns in the personality overlay is the authority figures that were most present and/or most dominant during the first part of our lifetime, childhood. Even as far back as gestation, we were being imprinted. While we are in utero, our aura is our mother’s aura and, after we are born and she holds us in her arms, we are simultaneously enveloped – and imprinted – by her aura and her personality overlay because we are so small. If you were primarily held, fed, cared for, and nurtured by someone else, that person’s aura and personality overlay imprinted itself on your aura but remnants of your birth mother’s imprints – echoes and shadows that the angels and some lightworkers can hear and see – remain, subtly influencing both your sense of self and some life experiences. Whoever mothers us during the period of infancy where we are incapable of speaking or crawling, whether it was our biological mom or not, is the person who will predominantly affect our perception of our self as existing, including whether or not we feel we deserve to exist or whether or not we feel (perceive) that we exist at all. Here is one example: if we are not regularly spoken to or held as babies – both of which are acknowledgments of our existence – there will be an auric command to avoid situations where our existence is acknowledged later in life, causing a solitary or reclusive personality in the adult person. Why? Because the energy of another person’s denial of our existence has deeply imprinted the auric field. A similar but even stronger imprint of a baby’s aura happens when one or both of his parents regret the child’s conception. In that case, the strong desire for the child’s absence imprints the auric field with a magnetic wound that causes him as an adult to seek situations where the people involved also do not want him around. You can imagine the conflict the adult personality would feel if one parent strongly desired his presence when he was little while the other strongly desired his absence.

Other people’s desires strongly imprint the personality overlay of our auric field with geometric patterns starting very early in life, whether those desires were for our presence, our absence, our happiness, our unhappiness, our success or our failure.

As we transform from helpless infants into crawling/walking and talking toddlers, we interact with a host of additional authority figures and peers, and each of them will imprint our auric field to a degree. The boiled egg description is a good metaphor for the personality overlay and aura, but here is an even better visual aid for the imprints themselves. Imagine that the personality overlay covering your aura is made of cookie dough and everyone in your periphery when you are very young removes a piece of the dough with a different shaped cookie cutter, causing the geometric patterns. Your mother might take out a star shaped chunk, your father a triangle shaped chunk, your older sibling a circle, your younger sibling a square, etc. Then, the space that is opened is filled with that person’s energy. When they are no longer in your periphery for hours a day (such as when you start going to school or leave home), you will unconsciously detect this emptiness and be compelled to seek a similar energy to fill it. For example, if someone at home strongly desired your misbehavior in order to create a reason to shame or otherwise punish you, then at school you would actually seek additional authority figures who held that same desire to punish, and you’d feel strongly compelled by the energetic emptiness of your auric imprints to create a reason for them to punish you too.

Most people never get to the point of feeling consciously empty because the amount of time between being away from the original imprint-makers and seeking and finding new corresponding imprint-fillers is very short. As an example, the friends you made at school even as a little child all filled these spaces with their energy. You might wonder why you were drawn to some friends so easily and quickly and others might have been in every single class you had for several consecutive years and you never once played together outside school or exchanged phone numbers. It was because of both the attracting and repelling qualities of these geometric patterns – holes/imprints – in your aura. Now, as young human beings, we are strictly in receptive mode, getting new imprints daily and having existing ones deepened and reinforced, until puberty.

During puberty, we become aware of our own capacity to have children, and our first inklings of the nature of Autonomy begin to emerge. Our perception of control, power, and authority change, except the word “change” fails to encompass the intensity of the irrevocable, sudden, overwhelming, and pervasive onset of the awareness of the power to create new life – and thus sustain the existence of the entire human race – that a newly fertile or virile human being experiences. There is a primal responsibility and obligation that this pubescent human feels: the burden to reproduce in order to ensure the survival of the species. For hundreds of thousands of years, the human race could not afford for very few humans to forgo having children. Many of the babies born would not make it to childhood and, of the ones who survived infancy, many of those children would not survive long enough to reach the age of fertility or virility, so the awareness of the awesome power to procreate that sets in at puberty is not only overwhelming, the drive itself, to reproduce – and to reproduce as often as possible – feels mandatory until and unless the heart opens. The push and pull of this drive to mate causes our auric imprints to take on an increased magnetism, making us feel intensely attracted to those people who meet both of two conditions: a) their energy fills the imprints made during childhood and b) they could potentially fertilize us or be fertilized by us.

Once we reach full blown fertility or virility, we are capable of both continuing to receive imprinted perceptions of our self (new holes in varying shapes and sizes that create a geometric pattern) and filtering out those that conflict with the pre-existing imprints of our most dominant authority figures. Here’s an example: if the early authority figures imprinted a feeling of capability on the young child (e.g. “you can do anything you put your mind to”) and the high school hockey coach imprints a feeling of confidence in the young person (via the strong desire for his success) regarding being the team goalie, then one imprint overlaps, increases, and compliments the other. In contrast, if the imprints of our most dominant authority figures were not consistent prior to puberty, or were contradictory (for example, a parent repeatedly says that violence is wrong while attacking regularly with words as weapons), then during puberty, the young person will seek a stronger, clearer (more dominant) energy to smooth out and refine the conflicting patterns in the auric field. Fascinatingly, if we could hear the sound of the first person’s aura, it would be harmonious. The aura in the second example would sound dissonant. The phrase society uses metaphorically, “impressionable youth,” literally refers to the impressionable auric field that absorbs the impressions and depressions made by other people’s energy. The stronger that energy is (the more dominant), the deeper the imprint or depression left behind. For example, if a young girl’s childhood authorities repeatedly attacked with words as weapons, the young woman as an adolescent will have auric patterns that repel respect and compel her to seek attack in the same ratio. She may meet and enter into a romantic relationship with someone she feels instantly and intensely attracted to because that person’s energy fills those imprints. Now, that partner may attack with words or fists or weapons. The magnet compels her to seek attack in general because the feeling experienced when the original imprints were made was the feeling of being attacked. The now teenaged person faces a decision: accept or reject the attack? It seems she has free will but the auric patterns are very influential. This helps us understand why people stay in relationships where there is abuse. They literally feel a magnetic pull to both the person who hurts them and to the pain itself.

It’s important to note that the auric imprints govern whom and what you are drawn to – i.e. what you are compelled to seek or what you feel repelled by – not who and what are drawn to you or are repelled by you. Darkness is drawn to light because it knows that the light will heal it. Because God wants no one to be forced to stay in darkness, it is not possible for the lightworker to turn off the soul level desire to heal (which requires an opportunity to forgive) which can then bring love and light back into a heart filled with sadness, pain, and darkness. However, it is possible to pre-forgive which allows God to use you as a conduit for divine love and fill the hearts of people in your periphery with love which can prevent attack from happening in the first place. When people can feel God’s Love, they do not hurt others. Why? Because they have no desire to.

This period of secondary refinement of the aura that begins at puberty, where we are open to new imprints but the childhood imprints act as filters, lasts all the way to age 25 when the human brain stops growing. Scientists have discovered that the prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain that governs reasoning and impulses – is finally fully developed at or around age twenty-five.1 [footnote] Subsequently, we become much harder to motivate and inspire although we also become much less impressionable (in both senses) and impulsive which makes us less likely to get into – and/or cause – car accidents. This is why car insurance rates go down at age 25. At the same age, the auric field sets and becomes much more difficult to change and imprint as well. Like a liquid that has finally, after a period of time, turned into a gel (for example, jello that has set after a few hours in the fridge), the auric field, comprised of all of its imprints, wounds and holes that are magnetic, becomes very firm. Our personality is basically formed at this point and resists efforts to reshape it using force of will, whether via our own will power or someone else’s. Divine Love can and will fill these imprints although some of them we would not want to change because they are meant to draw us to our soulmate! In order to ensure this magnetic pull to each other, each person must have the complementary experiences prior to age 25 so that the auric field “sets” with the corresponding auric imprints/wounds that lead these two people to find each other among the masses of people on planet Earth. Soulmates who meet prior to the advent of a set auric field often break up and get back together after their prefrontal cortices have finished growing.

Auric imprints are a lot like blueprints. Your life is like a house that was built from these blueprints. If you are younger than age 25 but past puberty, then your blueprints are still being modified by others whose energy is stronger and more intense than yours – so possibly your childhood authority figures continue to modify your auric imprints as well. This helps explain why young people with extremely strong willed parents are not as influenced by their peers. Their auric filters are very strong and they rarely meet anyone in their peer group or even any authority figures in their periphery with a stronger energy. For those whose brains have set, this metaphor helps us understand how even when we do move or get a new job or enter a new relationship, there seems to be so much similarity to the past house(s), the past job(s), and the past relationship(s). Our life is still being built according to the same old blueprints. Each time anyone forgives, regardless of age, these imprints will be filled with Love and smoothed out. The imprint or hole or wound is healed and no longer attracts or repels. Now, you won’t lose the unique and interesting traits in your personality that allow you to enjoy life in idiosyncratic ways. For example, you’ll retain your personality preferences such as the preference for a vacation on a tropical island over a mountain retreat (or vice versa) but a tendency to repeatedly marry gamblers or to lose weight and then regain it or to get into car accident after car accident will all be significantly decreased. Again, divine love will not smooth away any imprints necessary for drawing you and your soulmate together, so if you ever find yourself mired in a certain pattern or habit, it’s possible there’s still more to forgive but it’s also possible that that habit or pattern is what will, ironically, draw you and your soulmate together.

If divine love is what fills our auric wounds, heals them, and neutralizes their magnetism, then the desire for vengeance is what sustains the wounds and strengthens their magnetism. In this formula, it is forgiveness, the cornerstone of New M/F, that causes divine love to fill those wounds. And, because the desire for vengeance, the backbone of Old J/V, can express itself in surprisingly idealistic ways, it can hide, undetected, deep in the heart chakra (your soulmate’s eighth chakra) for many years. For example, Vengeance is how the desire for Justice expresses itself when the heart is closed. This is because, at its core, vengeance is the desire to right a wrong. Forgiveness can be similar to vengeance; they are both impassioned desires, and they can both include the desire to prevent another similar wrong from happening again in the future. However, forgiveness invokes the healing power of mercy to prevent more pain and suffering of the same nature instead of punishment.



chapter two
The Nature of Love as a Desire for Justice
Each of us at a different point in childhood learned that life isn’t fair. Most lightworkers decided that it should be, that ideally it would be, and became determined that when they grew up, they would work for justice and to make the world a better place. Let’s now briefly think back to that moment when we first realized that God allowed people to suffer and it didn’t make sense to us. At that time, someone, usually a parent, taught us that even though it didn’t make sense, God was keeping score. We may have heard any or all of the following:

“What goes around comes around.”
“Don’t worry. They’ll get theirs.”
“They’ll get their comeuppance.”
“Everyone gets their just desserts in the end.”

We may also have heard a quote from a religious work that reassured us that the person inflicting the harm would face God, see God, or go to Hell, such as “vengeance is mine, saith the Lord,”2 or that the Law of Karma ensured that they would eventually be forced to repay any karmic debt they had incurred.
By teaching us that life really is fair, that no one gets away with being unjust in the end, our parents/teachers handed us a lifesaver that allowed us to stop feeling sad and start feeling relief from the pain of sadness and relief from the pain of knowing that God is allowing that suffering.

Imagine for a moment a giant metaphorical ocean of ungrieved sadness over the loss of Oneness with God and that much of humanity is floating in this ocean of emotion. Each one of us manages to stay afloat by clinging to this lifesaver our original teachers of forgiveness/justice handed to us when we were young. It’s likely that they taught us forgiveness in terms of what is forgivable, and that some acts aren’t and some acts are. Because they didn’t know how to forgive, they couldn’t teach us. And, because sadness directly conflicts with the survival instinct’s drive to keep us alive because we cannot cry and protect ourselves from danger or provide for ourselves and our offspring at the same time, they were compelled to give us something to protect us from the danger of falling into that ocean – from literally drowning in Sadness – and so they gave us the only thing they could: the promise of eventual, inevitable justice. “Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even in this lifetime, but someday, those who hurt us will pay for it,” they taught us, and in teaching us that God will punish those who’ve hurt us or others, our original teachers of forgiveness and justice also taught us Vengeance.

In the ocean metaphor, the lifesaver is our human tendency to deny (stay on top of, or above) sadness (the ungrieved loss in the ocean below) by declaring eventual divine retribution, either through the Law of Karma or God’s Wrath (retribution in this life and/or the next) or in Hell (retribution in the afterlife). Anytime an injustice happens to us or to someone we love, and we respond with, “what goes around comes around” or “they’ll get their just desserts,” we are reinforcing the strength of Retribution which is the essence of Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm.

In your mind’s eye, can you see all of humanity, people of every race and creed, clinging to a different lifesaver that protects everyone from Sadness? Remember, sadness directly conflicts with the survival instinct’s compulsion to avoid Danger (because we cannot protect and provide for ourselves or our offspring and cry at the same time), and for those who were shamed for crying, sadness also conflicts with the survival instinct’s compulsion to avoid Shame, which is the feeling that we do not deserve to exist, and indirectly conflicts with the survival instinct’s compulsion to avoid Danger. So, anytime we get hurt and we would naturally feel sad, our survival instinct will kick in and subdue the waves of emotion that threaten to pull us down into the ocean of ungrieved sadness over the loss of Oneness with God and boost us back up onto our vengeance lifesaver, filling us with the burst of relief that knowing that what goes around comes around or that God is keeping score provides. Temporarily, the sadness abates and we can keep on surviving.

But the truth is, there is no punishment from God for anything. This is the most controversial thing I will teach in my lifetime. It is also the core spiritual lesson at the heart of New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm.

Does this mean that people have the spiritual equivalent of carte blanche to hurt anyone for any reason? Yes, it’s called Free Will. God has given everyone on Earth Free Will in order to ensure opportunities to forgive which allow us to love others not because they have earned it or deserve it but simply because they exist, that is to say, to love them the way that God does.

Even if you do want to continue the cycle of lifetime after lifetime after lifetime of making and repaying karmic debt, please let me provide you with two insights that may alter your view of reality, life on Earth, and the nature of Justice and Mercy forever.

One: there is no hell or karma because hell and karma would be redundant. Why? Because people who hurt others are already in the worst hell there is: the emotional state of being unable to feel Joy (God’s Love). That’s why they hurt others. There is no point in punishing someone who can’t feel God’s Love: not being able to feel God’s Love is the worst torture there is. That person is already in agony, right here on Earth. No punishment gets any worse than that. We as lightworkers can give people a get-out-of-emotional-hell-free pass by forgiving them and thus healing them. They will then be able to feel God’s Love again and will no longer want to hurt anyone. These are the cases where Mercy prevents more Injustice of the same nature.

Two: when we affirm that when people hurt us, what goes around will come around or that God will make sure “they get theirs,” we miss the irony of the whole process. If what goes around comes around, then we are getting ours. In other words, we are saying that whatever is happening to us is happening because we did something in the past that earned it. God’s wrath is now upon us, the karmic debt collectors are now knocking on our door. See the irony? And the redundancy? Every time we say, “instant karma’s gonna get you,” we’re saying we’re going to get it too. And that every time something goes wrong in our lives, it’s because we’re getting it, right now.
The mercy of forgiveness can stop that vicious cycle of scorekeeping and retribution. God is love; therefore God can’t not love. If the opposite were true, angels would be karmic debt collectors instead of messengers of love.
So why does God allow pain and suffering?

Why God allows Pain and Suffering
Life can be measured in time, specifically the amount of time the soul spends experiencing Separation from God while inhabiting a physical body on Earth. God allows Separation in order to give us the opportunity to experience two states: Forgiveness and Oneness.

Forgiveness is loving people not because they have earned it or deserve it but simply because they exist; that is to say, loving others the way that God does. But God is love, so God can’t not love in the same way that the sun can’t not shine. Only Separation can give us the choice to love, only Separation provides that continuous stream of opportunities to use our Free Will and choose: to forgive or not to forgive.

Oneness is the state of ecstasy our souls knew before Separation when all souls ever to exist were still merged into Oneness with God. Your soul was also merged with your soulmate – your two halves were one whole merged into an even greater whole with God. Separation allows us to be able to perceive the joy of Oneness through making love on Earth, where the two aspects of Separation, Space and Time, allow us to contrast the moment of Oneness with the moment of Separation before and after. Perception and contrast are experiences unique to Separation. Oneness allows Joy but only Joy and without any way to perceive it. Separation is the only way to know, to be aware of, that Joy.

So, in order for humanity to be able to perceive Joy, in all its degrees running the gamut from the surprise of Delight to the bliss of Oneness, and to be able to love the way that God does (to Forgive), God allows Separation, which allows us to perceive everything. This means that Separation allows us to perceive Joy and opportunities to forgive which are often painful. Therefore, life is both a series of opportunities to perceive Joy and a series of opportunities to Forgive. The purpose of Life is to know – through the perception that causes awareness, awareness that only the Contrast of Separation can provide – Love. And to know Love is to know God.

A Series of Opportunities
Life is a series of opportunities to forgive and thus heal and thus prevent future pain of the same nature. For the lightworker, this means that life is a series of opportunities to serve. Separation from God, Life, gives us an unlimited number of opportunities to heal and thus prevent pain, suffering, and all nature of Separation-based sadness.
Forgiving is the lightworker’s greatest – most powerful and effective – act of Service. Forgiving is the essence of the 5/3 mirror from an open heart because it is a prayer: prayer is Communication (chakra five) that invokes the Power (chakra three) of Love to heal and prevent future pain of the same nature by praying for another person’s ability to feel and know that Love. Giving this specific prayer – the desire for another person’s happiness not because they have earned it with behavior that deserves it, but simply because they exist – is the indicator of an open fourth chakra.

Prayer – a desire given to God – is the Communication/Power (of Service) mirror in its ideal expression. It allows us to work as angels on the Earth, serving God and all of our brothers and sisters on the planet with the simple act of desiring their happiness or desiring their happiness anyway.

As lightworkers with open hearts, we will embrace opportunities to forgive in order to serve others by healing them and thus preventing future pain and suffering, including but not limited to, sadness, fear, anger, and vengeance.

Let’s say someone cuts you off on the road: you are driving along when out of the blue, another car nearly clips your left front bumper as it changes lanes without using a signal. You forgive the person and your act of forgiving heals them and prevents three car accidents that would have been caused by this person in the future.

Let’s say someone steals your credit card information and attempts to make several wire transfers. You become aware of your suddenly reduced line of available credit the next day, prevent the transactions from being honored, forgive the person who tried to steal from you, and your act of forgiving heals them and prevents them from pursuing a career in petty crime and protects hundreds of people from the hassle and pain of undoing the damage of credit card fraud in the future.

The beauty of the domino non-effect, because we have prevented so much similar pain from being suffered in the future, is one of the most inspiring reasons to forgive I could ever give you. Now consider events that have occurred around the world, incidents – local or national or international – that caused you sadness through your empathetic ability to relate to the sadness of others. What act of injustice comes to mind that you now identify as a simultaneous request for forgiveness? A request that, if answered with forgiveness, can lead to the healing and prevention of future pain of the same nature?

In our metaphor earlier, we imagined a sea of ungrieved loss and saw that the vast majority of humanity is clinging to a vengeance lifesaver that is literally saving everyone’s life by protecting us from the danger of Sadness. Scientists tell us that they aren’t conclusively certain as to why human beings cry emotional tears.3 What they do know is that the tear ducts are part of our Excretory System, the system that ensures that waste – which would be toxic to the human’s overall health – is excreted from the body. For example, our sweat glands are part of the Excretory System: every time we sweat, we excrete toxins through our pores. Now, let’s draw a parallel between tears and sweat. Physical poison in the body will ooze out of our pores when we sweat, and emotional toxicity will ooze out of our tear ducts when we cry. Sadness is expressed as crying and crying allows us to excrete the toxicity of Separation from God through our tear ducts.4 [footnote] Feeling sad, down, depressed, and the like, are indicators of resisting sadness.

As humans, we first start to resist crying after being shamed for crying as children. Most of us were taught that crying was a sign of weakness. Ironically, holding inside the toxicity of Sadness weakens our connection to God, reducing our levels of inspiration and drive as our heart gradually closes, keeping us safe as we cling to the lifesaver amid a sea of ungrieved loss, and weakens our immune system because the toxicity that would have been excreted through the tear ducts stays inside our body. I want to be very clear here: we must grieve our losses. We must cry. There is no circumventing this truth. As lightworkers, we so often want to meditate and sit on an etheric cloud of Oneness, flooded with light, basking in the glow of Divine Love. And why? Because it feels good. It provides us with relief from the pain of Separation. It’s the same reason humans use drugs and drink alcohol – the relief that the high those substances provide us with feels so much better than the pain of acknowledging sadness (before we learn how to forgive) or the shame of crying if we were shamed for crying as children.5 [footnote]

Once we know how to forgive, it becomes safe to acknowledge Sadness. Remember in the open letter to lightworkers at the beginning of this book where we learned that “it won’t occur to us to forgive until we acknowledge Sadness; but until and unless we know how to forgive, it isn’t safe to acknowledge Sadness”? And that a vicious cycle ensues?
Until and unless we know how to forgive, it literally, actually, and truly isn’t safe to acknowledge Sadness. We could fall off that lifesaver and into a sea of Sadness and possibly drown. Over a million people on Earth commit suicide every year.6 [footnote] These people literally die of Sadness. In contrast, Vengeance, the concept of inevitable divine retribution, has helped humanity deny the sadness of Separation from God for thousands of years, ensuring our very survival as a species. And at the deepest level, we are all grieving the loss of Oneness with God where our need for Love was met all the time. To further compound matters, just below humanity’s sadness over the loss of Oneness, we are also sad that God would even allow suffering in the first place.

Forgiving transforms the toxicity of Separation from God into Sadness. Once the toxicity of Separation from God is transformed into Sadness, it can be excreted as tears through the tear ducts by crying, like any other poison that exits the body via one of the organs in the human Excretory System.



chapter three
 Angels: the Embodiment of Mercy

Three Lessons from the Angels
The Angels personify the opposite of Vengeance: Mercy. Because they empathize one hundred percent with humanity’s feelings about and reactions to Separation from God while simultaneously maintaining the radiance of their merge into Oneness with God, angels have a unique perspective of Separation and Life on Earth. Thus they have three excellent views of reality we can emulate starting right now today to make the transition from Old J/V to New M/F easier.

The Glass is Half Filled with Water and Half Filled with Air
The angels look at life on Earth through the lens of wholeness. They do not see the glass as half full or half empty. Instead they see the glass of Life as half filled with opportunities to forgive and half filled with opportunities to perceive Joy. And when an event occurs which involves pain and suffering for a human being, they don’t view that event as only an injustice or as only an opportunity to forgive; they see the event as both an injustice and an opportunity to forgive (and thus heal and thus prevent future pain of the same nature). In their state of universal empathy, the angels are aware that the reason for every action that causes another person pain is that the person who took that action could not feel God’s Love at the moment they took it. Through the eyes of the angels, we can see that all Earth tragedies are an injustice and an opportunity to forgive. We see and acknowledge both the sad part and the opportunity to forgive and thus prevent future sadness part. The angels grieve with us when we grieve. At the same time, they see that no tragedy is senseless because when people cannot feel God’s Love, it is logical (it makes sense) that they take action accordingly, action that causes others to feel the same pain they were feeling when they took it. The capacity to be temporarily unable to feel God’s Love causes human error as well. Human error allows for a limitless number of opportunities to forgive on Earth. Many accidents are caused by human error. As dwellers in physical bodies that are capable of exhaustion, hunger, sickness, distraction, etc., we may hurt others only because we were temporarily tired, hungry, sick, distracted, or experiencing some other state of existence that indicates we couldn’t feel God’s Love at the moment the human error took place. Thus, the angels see tragedies and injustices and even human errors as logical outcomes – the results – of actions taken by a human race who cannot consistently feel God’s Love because they do not know how to forgive, actions those humans would not have taken had they been filled with God’s Love. The angels see the glass as half filled with water and half filled with air.

Fun with Logic
The reason the angels see the glass as half filled with one thing and half filled with another is because it’s not possible for an object to be half full. Full means 100% filled and half means 50%; we would not say “the glass is 50% 100% filled” because that doesn’t make sense. It’s also impossible for an object to be half empty. Empty means 100% unfilled. When we view life in black and white, in terms of all-or-nothing and either/or (such as half empty or half full), we are fulfilling the survival instinct’s compulsion to protect ourselves from Sadness, Shame, and Danger by labeling things or people accordingly. Then the survival instinct knows to protect us by either a) compelling us to avoid them (this protects us from Danger) and/or b) impelling us to feel a sense of superiority to them (this protects us from Shame and Sadness).

More Fun with Logic
Saying, “God loves us not because we have earned it or deserve it, but simply because we exist” implies that God loves us because we exist when – fascinatingly – the reverse is true: God’s love is the cause of our existence! For the sake of elucidating the nature of God’s Love, however, let’s clarify here: God does love us for no reason. God loves us regardless of reason, logic, or justification. Our existence doesn’t (from a logic standpoint) cause God to love us so it’s technically both illogical and grammatically incorrect to state that God loves us because we exist (that would literally mean that our existence is the cause of God’s Love for us). However, we’ll maintain that “God loves us because we exist and for no other reason” in order to encompass the unconditional nature of Divine Love despite the limitations written language imposes on me as a messenger trying to communicate the nature of that Love.

Acknowledging is not the same as Affirming
Acknowledging sadness, fear, regret, our own flaws, or anything we disapprove of as human beings is not the same as affirming it and thus strengthening it. Acknowledging uncomfortable emotions or acknowledging that we disapprove of a situation or behavior is an automatic function of our brain, the function specifically known as Identifying Problems that lends itself to the desire for a solution which then leads to the act of seeking one. This is an amazing and brilliant function of the logical mind: we are constantly seeking improvement. And problems and challenges on Earth are what give us the opportunity to love others and ourselves not because we approve of them or their behavior, or approve of ourselves or our behavior, but simply because we exist, to love the way that God does, which is one of two reasons we are experiencing Separation. The angels are constantly acknowledging pain and suffering and, just as constantly, buffering it with the power of Love. Our human bodies anchor our souls – and thus our healing love – to planet Earth. This makes our prayers even more effective than the prayers of the angels. This implication has vast potential for causing and achieving
world peace. Every time you forgive someone, your capacity to heal them is greater even than their own guardian angel’s prayer for their happiness. By forgiving, you will act as an angel on the earth by making it that much easier and faster for everyone on Earth to be healed by the power of God’s Love and filled with Joy! How? The very presence of your physical body on the planet acts as a conduit for God’s Love each and every time you forgive. It acts as a tunnel, with God’s Love going in one direction to flood your heart and in the other direction to flood love into the other person’s heart. There is no greater power than the power to forgive. It heals pain, prevents pain, and fills people with Joy. (In truth, the power to love/forgive is the only power there is; everything else is the leveraging of control.) However, we won’t forgive until we acknowledge that there is an opportunity to.

Judging is not the same as Criticizing or Condemning
The definition of the verb judge is to draw a conclusion based on available information. Last night when you went to bed, if you set an alarm to awaken you at a certain time, you based that time on the amount of time it has taken you in the past to get ready before the hour and minute you plan to leave. If you drive to work, you make a judgment every day regarding how long it will take to drive there based on the amount of time it has taken you in the past as potentially affected by external factors such as traffic and weather patterns. If you have the opinion that we would all ideally treat our planet with respect, it is because you drew a conclusion based on the knowledge currently available that if we continue harming our environment, much of that harm may not be reversible. If you have the opinion that child pornography should remain illegal, you have made a judgment based on your morals and sense of justice that children should not be sexually tortured and financially exploited. We make judgments all day, every day. Judging is an expression of our logical mind’s ability to use reason to draw a conclusion and the fact that you make judgments daily is the indicator that you have a fully developed conscience. You wouldn’t be a lightworker if you didn’t have the ability and willingness to discern – on a daily basis – the difference between right and wrong and then draw conclusions based on your findings. The angels remind us that pre-judging (prejudice) and criticizing (using words as weapons to assert dominance and leverage control) are the indicators of a closed heart, and they advise us to use adjectives to describe a person’s behavior rather than labels that imprison a person’s self. Additionally, predicting another person’s future by condemning them to punishment in either the afterlife or in a future lifetime is also an indicator that we were not able to feel God’s Love at the moment we issued that decree. Earth’s seven billion guardian angels invite us to join them in prayer for everyone on the planet to be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy, thereby preventing future pain and sadness of the same nature.

Complaining is how we identify problems while the heart is closed
Let’s consider the irony of judging ourselves for judging, complaining about people who complain, and being negative about people who are being negative. In truth, thinking negatively is caused by denying what is good about life and thinking positively is caused by denying what is bad. Our guardian angels know that when we perceive life in this way, as a glass that is half full or half empty, it is because we cannot feel God’s Love. Specifically, when we are being
“negative,” it is because our survival instinct is compelling us to protect ourselves from the Shame of being wrong and the Sadness of disappointment in case what is hoped for does not come about. Specifically, when we are being “positive,” it is because our survival instinct is compelling us to protect ourselves from the Sadness that acknowledging painful aspects of reality allows us to feel, and underneath that, to protect ourselves from the awareness that God is allowing that pain and suffering by allowing us all to experience Separation in the first place. Complaining is identifying problems with a closed heart. When the heart is open, we identify as many solutions as we do problems, and we take action daily to achieve those goals. We see the glass as half filled with water and half filled with air.



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