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In LOVE with Long Island Medium

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Have you seen that new show, “Long Island Medium,” on TLC? WOW — I just love it. I LOVE her, I love the show, I love watching her give the readings and I LOVE the glimpses into her everyday family life, including the dynamic between her and her children and between her and her husband. She and Larry (the 1st? senior?) are clearly soulmates and it is just a pleasure to watch the two of them, and the way he teases her but obviously adores her.




If you read a post of mine from a year ago, regarding the JREF paranormal challenge, you know that I am a skeptic. In fact, I think many of the people out there claiming to be psychics and/or mediums are con artists executing very skilled cold readings, although Theresa Caputo, a.k.a. Long Island Medium, passes most of my tests for validity. And I do know personally two lightworkers who are real mediums, so if you are looking for someone authentic and sincere to consult, give Rev Sheri or Spirited Angel a try.


An interesting facet for those of us experiencing being lightworkers is that we know it’s possible to communicate with souls who have passed, and we know that there is an afterlife, so for us, it’s not a matter of “belief,” per se, because we know it’s possible. This deep awareness of esoteric realities combined with a natural openhearted faith in the probability of a joyful future for humanity as the collective heart chakra opens more and more can actually (ironically enough) predispose us to throwing even a healthy amount of doubt and caution to the wind, and missing the signs that con artists — people pretending to be psychics and mediums for profit — share. A few of the signs of cold readings are:


Asking, “Who’s Jack/Anne/Mark?”

*Especially in a group reading, asking “who is …” and following that with a very common name increases the likelihood that someone in the group knows someone who passed with a very common name. In other words, if the psychic is really psychic, why don’t they turn and ask Jack/Anne/Mark who they are? And then turn to the client and say, “I have Anne here; she’s telling me that she was your sister and that she passed three years ago, suddenly. Is that right?” ?


Asking, “Who’s Jane — or it could be June, something with a J …?”

*For the same reasons mentioned above, this leaves it open to any answer from the audience, and who doesn’t know someone who died who is female and whose name started with an J? Someone in a group reading will speak up and claim that the J name is their loved one. Theresa doesn’t pull this kind of trick at her readings. She goes right up to the person and lets them know which loved one is “stepping forward.” She does say, “is your mom/brother/child passed?” when I would prefer, again, the much more specific, “I have a young male here who is telling me that he is your son and passed on March 3, 2002, of crib death and that his name was Brad Simon Smith.” We’ll come back to that.


Asking a vague question, getting the specific answer from the alive client, then claiming that the DLO (deceased loved one) gave them that specific detail.

There’s a famous male “psychic” who did this a lot on a tv show and it was very disturbing to me. Here’s how it works: the psychic goes up to an older woman (the older we are, the more people we’ve buried, the more likely we are to have a deceased love one in a variety of categories, for example, aunts, uncles, parents and grandparents who have passed) and says, “Is your aunt passed?” Now, no doubt, most of her aunts have passed, if not all of them! The client says, “yes.” The reader says, “Did she like gardening?” The client says, “Oh, yes, she LOVED to garden — roses were her favorite. Every year she won a prize for her roses.” The reader then says, “Because she’s showing me roses, lots of roses, and that she loved to spend hours pruning her beautiful roses, that she got lots of compliments on her garden.” Well, Auntie Gertrude might have indeed loved roses, but who just provided those important details? The alive person, the niece. In other words, the cold reader in this example, just guessed “gardening” (which was a very likely pastime for women of a certain generation!), and it happened to be true, but the real “hit” (accurate piece of info) was information that the client gave. Theresa doesn’t use this cold reading trick either. On the episode I just watched, “Spirit al Dente” (which you can watch on Amazon 1-click for $1.99), Theresa goes to a cooking class and ends up doing a reading on a woman there whose uncle had passed. She says to the young woman, “Do doves mean something to you? Because your uncle is showing me that he’s placing doves all around you and a path of feathers in front of you.” Now first of all, that’s an oddly detailed visual to describe; from the skeptic point of view, that is setting yourself up for a “miss.” The cold reader would have said, “Do doves mean something to you?” and stopped and let the young woman provide a detail. But Theresa keeps on talking, and provides a vivid picture! The young woman confirms that she did indeed see a dove at his funeral, and reveals that the fact that it was in the middle of a Florida cemetery was so odd, but it gave her such peace at the burial of her relative who loved her as if she were a daughter and not just a niece. On the previous episode, “Christmas Spirit,” I saw the most amazing readings yet by Theresa: the whole family — Theresa, Victoria, Larry Jr and Larry — goes to a Soup Kitchen in Harlem to prepare and serve a meal and she ends up giving 2 spot-on specific readings to two different gentlemen who work there. The first man she delivers a message to hears from his mom who communicates that she wants him to know that she is very proud of him and that she is aware that he recently moved. When Theresa asks, “were you not able to say goodbye when your mom passed?” the man is so startled that he can barely speak and walks out of the room. When he comes back, he explains that it was over 7 years ago, and he was supposed to go see her that day but ended up not going — that the tears just came down and he needed a second. Theresa explains that his mom would have hung on if he had been there and so the mom wants him to know it’s okay, not to feel bad about it. After this reading is over (and the man hugs Theresa in gratitude), Theresa says that there is someone whose brother died and that the brother’s energy just won’t let up. Later, in a conversation with the director of the food bank, she asks if there is someone who works there whose brother passed, someone named Darryl? or maybe Darnel? The woman confirms it’s Darryl but he’s not there. They call him on his cell phone and Theresa delivers another detailed message from a DLO.



Now, I want to say here that even though I love her, love her personality, and really enjoy the show, I’m still not completely sold on her abilities as a medium because there’s one other possibility that remains, and from an ethical moral standpoint, it’s worse than a cold reading. And that is, a hot reading. Hot readings are where you research in advance, such as a doing research on the place you’re going to be volunteering, for example by reading the employee bios on the organization’s website, or doing a quick reverse look up with a phone number to find the name and address that is associated with it, and searching the obituaries in the newspaper archives online once you have found the last name.



As I mentioned in my post last year about wishing some lightworker would step forward to take the JREF challenge, James Randi, a vocal skeptic, has publicly stated that he will give a million dollars to anyone who can provide proof of their supernatural power, and he has said that the study could be conducted like this: take ten random people in a room with a psychic. The psychic writes a reading for each person (as in types up or writes down the information that comes through, no talking, no “did your mother pass?” etc.), leaves the room with the ten readings and ten people inside, and the ten of them sort out which reading belongs to which person.



Now get this, you guys: here’s the real reason I want someone to do this so badly. I want scientists to study the human brain’s capacity to tap into the soul energy of deceased people who have been murdered in order for society as a whole to benefit from trained psychic investigators who can work hand in hand with law enforcement in order to solve cold cases and all other types of not-yet-closed cases. Would you believe there is very little scientifically-gathered evidence of psychic ability yet for scientists to study? This is because anecdotal evidence (“I went to this amazing psychic who told me I was going to get a new job and move to another state and sure enough, I did get a promotion and ended up moving to the West coast five months later!”) is not the same as empirical evidence, which can be defined as “depending upon the observation of phenomena” (source: the Dictionary). Anecdotal evidence is not really evidence at all because it’s just stories. A medium named Patricia Putt did undergo the JREF Challenge in 2009 (and you can read all about it here). When the ten people she gave readings to later got together to figure out whose reading was whose, they were certain they had all determined accurately which reading belonged to whom, and it turned out that there wasn’t even one match. My thought is that someday, when our society does condone and promote the training of people who have a natural intuitive gift, for a greater good (such as to prepare them in aiding the justice system in solving crime and thus preventing future crime of the same nature), the methodology used to conduct the JREF challenge — a double blind study where the people being read can’t see the psychic and the psychic can’t see the people she’s reading either — will be the classroom format for the training. After all, when locating criminals and their victims, you can’t always see them, as in those cases when the police don’t have a suspect yet or when a recent victim has been found but another (new) one is likely, but because no one has been reported missing yet, their identity is unknown too. As I said in last year’s post, I want Jacob Wetterling to be found more than anything. Please join me in a quick prayer for Jacob and whoever took him to be found and healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Love. (Why would we do this? People who can feel Love are also capable of feeling remorse; and people who can suddenly feel remorse after decades of lacking empathy because they’ve just been healed by the power of Divine Love also feel compelled to turn themselves into the authorities and confess to any and all crimes they have committed.)



Which brings us full circle back to the Long Island Medium herself. She gives incredibly detailed information and if she is that good, she no doubt could provide law enforcement with excellent and helpful information regarding missing children/people and fugitives. I’ve only seen one other medium who was as mind bogglingly detailed as she is: Joseph Tittel from America’s Psychic Challenge. That program ran on Lifetime a few years ago but is no longer available to watch for free on their website. However, you can buy the complete show on iTunes. “Spiritman Joseph” and and 2 others really stick out as incredibly gifted and I would love to see them win the million from James Randi. Secretly, I think James Randi would too. Why else would such a hardened skeptic dangle such a huge prize? He could offer $200,000 or even $50,000 and people would still volunteer to be tested. I think a million dollars is what he personally would be willing to give for proof that it’s real — that there really is something beyond our basic five senses.



Finally, in doing a little googling in preparation for this blog post, I did find a completely unedited 25 min and 46 second video of Theresa Caputo in the hallway outside Anderson Cooper’s TV studio which I have embedded below. She is giving spontaneous readings and some strike me as cold and some as getting a lot of clear information. On the show, she talks about how sometimes the spirits being around her causes her anxiety — my wish for her would be to know that it’s okay for her to temporarily close her eyes and stop talking, mid-reading, even though people are watching her, in order to take a deep breath, reground herself and tap back into the psychic act of pulling in the clearest information. You can see on her show that she doodles before speaking, while she initiates the connection with the spirit world. I felt like she wasn’t as grounded here. And watch for the (probable) cynic decoy wearing the white scoop neck tank under a purple cocoon-wrap at the table, the second person from the left; she is sending a lot of psychic attack energy to Theresa and you will most likely see/feel how it’s affecting her.


Either way, the JREF challenge only requires two of the 10 readings to be matched correctly to make it past the preliminary test. 1 in 10 is chance. As I mentioned above, the medium who was tested in 2009 got 0 in 10. If Theresa could get 5 in 10, it would be considered extraordinary by the scientific community and merit (a lot of) further study.


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April 12, 2012

Will someone please please please take the James Randi Educational Fund Million Dollar Challenge (a.k.a. the Paranormal Challenge)?

Heads up: this is a longer post because it has three interwoven parts:
1) my desire for someone (like Lisa Williams, Jackie Barrett, Michelle Whitedove or Joseph Tittel) to take James Randi up on his million dollar challenge which would earn anyone who can provide evidence of psychic phenomena the million dollar reward; 2) my own experience giving people intuitive tarot/palm readings and why I quit when I realized I was actually giving cold readings; and finally, 3) my desire for one of the very rare authentic mediums/psychics to help law enforcement solve the 1989 Jacob Wetterling case.

It might surprise some people to know that I am skeptical of most self-professed psychic readers and my gut feeling is that several of the very famous ones are actually performing cold readings (skilled guesswork, a la Patrick Jane in the TV show The Mentalist) in the best possible scenario and at worst, may be performing a hot reading, where the “psychic” researches the client’s history prior to the appointment and seems to be remarkably accurate: “there’s no way s/he could have known that!!” … unless they talked to one of your co-workers, cousins, past or current employers, looked you up on facebook,, or searched newspaper archives, etc. If you want to see some excellent examples of hot and cold readings or learn more about them, search “James Randi on Anderson Cooper” or watch the episode of Penn & Teller’s show “Talking to the Dead” from the first season. You’ll see different performance artists who make devastatingly inaccurate guesses or have someone they know bring in the clients – this way they have a source who feeds them some of the most salient details, a.k.a. “hits.” This type of person in essence capitalizes on grief by taking advantage of mourners who, while grieving following the death of a loved one, are more suggestible than they would be otherwise.

In contrast, my hope is that clairvoyant medium Lisa Williams (she does not call herself psychic) is the real thing. The other night, I came across a blurb of her show “Life Among the Dead” on YouTube and she was astonishingly good – I mean, mind-bogglingly accurate, even in her on-the-street readings of people she had just approached and never met before. I was intrigued and did an internet search and discovered that she has had two shows on Lifetime so I decided to sit down and watch all the episodes – every single video that Lifetime has streaming on their site. She had very few misses, such as getting the name Andrew instead of Adam and getting a name that sounded funny that started with T and had a y, and turned out to be Trey, but they added credibility to her presentation in my mind, because if she never got a miss, she would be infallible or omniscient which we know is not possible and would therefore prove that she was performing a hot reading. In fact, I found her to be so amazingly believable that suddenly an image of a sketch parody, with say Rachel Dratch playing Lisa, popped into my head. In my spoof, I imagined Lisa approaching someone on the street and saying in her English Accent, “I’m getting a mother figure in spirit. Has your mother passed?” and the woman saying, “yes,” and Lisa saying, “I’m seeing the social security number 555-46-9871. Is that something you can relate to?” and the woman – aghast – confirming, “yes!!” and Lisa saying, “Thank you – and now I’m getting a brother figure. Is this mum’s brother?” and the person going, “yes, yes, my uncle just passed,” and Lisa expounding, “Oh, I’m feeling a very sudden death. I’m feeling an impact – a car accident. I’m getting the VIN number too – YZ1225849AQRT8876512. Is that something you can rela—oh, I’m sorry,” she apologizes to the spirit over her shoulder. “6513. Is that something you can relate to?” and the person replying, “Oh, my God! Yes!” and then the camera zooming in on mom’s social security card and the old insurance card with the VIN on it while Lisa assures the woman that both Grams and Uncle Charlie are enjoying the afterlife and frolicking with their ancestors.

The thing is, it’s only funny if she really is getting in touch with the deceased loved ones and we’re parodying how amazingly good she is by exaggerating her skill rather than how other psychics have been parodied, by exaggerating how amazingly vague they are. For example, in one real sketch on SNL, Will Ferrell did an impression of a “psychic” reader in front of a studio audience and said, “I’m looking for someone who eats food and … drives a car.” Otherwise, it’s horrific to even contemplate what allows someone to give that accurate a reading without true mediumship ability. It would require so much digging for information under the table without getting caught. I just can’t imagine having the balls to fake that kind of reading. But there are people who will bilk the elderly out of their life savings so we know some people not only have the balls, they lack the requisite amount of empathy as well. (I’m talking about metaphorical testicles, okay? Seriously, I can’t imagine having any kind of balls.) So, if it wasn’t a hot reading, then Lisa Williams is the best medium alive and that’s why I want her to take the James Randi (JREF) challenge. If you had a chance to watch any YouTube uploads with James Randi, you might have seen him challenging Sylvia Browne to the million dollar challenge and her acceptance on Larry King. (She later recanted.) Now, Randi has said that the challenge could be conducted this way: the reader gives ten people – non-skeptics, even – a reading. Later, the ten written (typed up and printed out) readings are given to the ten people and ostensibly, they would be able to sort the readings out and easily discern which reading belongs to whom. If they could successfully complete that task with no help from the psychic, the psychic would receive a million dollars for providing this evidence of true psychic skill. My thought here – and Randi didn’t specify – is that the reader would have to give all the readings in writing. In other words, there would be no way to ask for or receive confirmation of being on the right track from the person being read, which would be no problem for Jackie Barrett and Joseph Tittel who gave incredibly vivid – and accurate – descriptions of homicides to private investigators who were not allowed to confirm or deny anything (this was on the show “America’s Psychic Challenge”). Now, let me say here: I would do this in a HEARTBEAT if I had the skill and give half to Amnesty International and half to Covenant House (okay, and keep 44k for me) which I think any sincere lightworker would do. All the more incentive in my mind for one of the true psychics to step forward: the opportunity to serve God by making a donation to a charitable humanitarian organization. By the way, the gentleman I mentioned above, the one that Will Ferrell did his impression of on SNL, seems to me to have genuine talent on occasion but has refused to take the JREF challenge and discusses his reasons for not doing it in a very interesting interview with Glenn Beck. It’s too bad because the worst that could happen to someone who truly has the talent is only 7 or 8 of the ten readings would end up being successfully matched and they wouldn’t get the million. But it would still be amazing. In fact, if I thought I could get even six of the ten, I would do it.

If a hot reading is cheating, a cold reading is when the psychic makes very general statements that could be true for most people and then gauges the person’s reaction to one statement, allowing the psychic reader to then modify the next statement accordingly. It will seem like the reader is giving the info but actually the querent’s reaction is providing a magnifying glass that amplifies all the clues already present in their appearance, accent, colloquialisms, and socioeconomic status symbols inherent in their make-up, hair, accessories (watch, shoes, jewelry) and clothing. I used to read the tarot and give palm readings. I charged $20 for both, or $10 for just the tarot if I couldn’t “feel” a person’s energy which happened twice. However, I did believe at the time that I really was psychic. I am insightful and can easily and quickly home in on most people’s fears and desires. That type of person, depending on how developed their moral compass is, is either very manipulative or very motivational (and can often predict the future with accuracy because they are picking up on patterns in the person’s actions from the past that are simply very likely to repeat, much like looking at a credit history to determine the likelihood of repayment in the future). When we get people to do things they would not have otherwise done and they are glad they did it, we have motivated them; when we get people to do things they would not have otherwise done and they regret it, we have manipulated them. Thankfully, I don’t lack empathy. However, I did lack self-awareness despite my high degree of other-awareness. In fact, even when people who cared about me suggested – in a complimentary way – that it was really my insight, my perceptiveness, that was allowing me to read people so well, I would vehemently reject the possibility that that had anything to do with the readings I gave. I truly believed that I was receiving this information via a sixth sense until one day when a gentleman asked me if I could contact his guardian angel. I had never tried and told him as much and stated that I probably wouldn’t be able to (this was in 2005 – I was 24). What followed was that I received information I truly could not have known and it was very disturbing to me, so much so that it was the last reading I ever gave. It was a burning hot reading except I was in no way cheating, ironically. The intensity of my first experience giving a truly psychic reading shined a light on the truth – that up until that moment, I had only been reading people very well and, using deductive reasoning, modifying all subsequent statements based on the person’s reaction to my previous statements. To briefly expand on that remark: people tend to fall into categories, much like the columns and rows of a logic puzzle. What I was actually doing was eliminating column A if the person was not male, rows A, B, & C if the person was not married, column L, M, & N if the person had no money concerns, etc. Amazingly, my logical mind did all of this without ever allowing me to consciously realize it. Why? My sense of surviving depended on believing I could know the future. If I were psychic, then I had a way to anticipate and prepare for danger by knowing what dangerous event was going to happen before it did. (This belief originated in two incidents where I awoke from a dream with the knowingness that danger was imminent, first at age 8, the second time at age 16, and the precognition allowed me to successfully prevent the danger the first time.) When this man’s beautiful radiant guardian angel came through, the intensity of my connection to her amplified the sadness of the loss of the intensity of my own divine connection to God. I felt useless, in contrast, as though my earthly actions could never compare to those of the real angels. My experience that day with the guardian angel who clearly told me to tell this man to get on a plane to a specific state and that she would walk him onto the plane if she could and his confirmation that he had been considering going for a few months and that he had friends there he’d been meaning to contact for a long time was so weird and so odd that I suddenly realized what it must be like to truly be psychic or a medium; and it’s the reason that I believe a small number of people really does have the gift. Every other intuitive feeling I had later paled in comparison and made me – forced me to – realize that I had simply been reading people very well prior to that moment. And that is what some of the famous ones do and for them to say that they are doing anything other than a very skilled cold reading is unfair to the customer, although I extend the benefit of the doubt to all of them. Perhaps they, like me, truly believed that their application of the process of elimination was intuitive and not logical. There’s a great interview between Derren Brown and Richard Dawkins on YouTube where Dawkins suggests that some readers truly believe they are psychic and that when they get a hit, it reinforces their belief that they are the real thing and subsequently compels them to keep coming back for more: another hit and another hit (I’m paraphrasing here). Derren Brown shrugs this off, maintaining the position that all readers are con artists, which bummed me out a little because I fell into exactly the category that Dawkins proposed: I felt especially good when I made people feel better about their prospects for the future with a very positive, uplifting reading. This good feeling in turn reinforced my belief in my own “sixth” sense and then I more easily justified continuing to provide this service even when I was blatantly off target (got “misses” instead of “hits”) at least a couple times during every reading. Michael Shermer talks about this process of justification in his book Why People Believe Weird Things, and goes in depth in the last section of the book entitled, “Why Smart People Believe Weird Things.” The reason? Smart people are better at coming up with smart justifications for beliefs (conclusions) they arrived at for non-smart reasons. It was emotion that made me believe (conclude) that I was psychic, not reason or evidence. Then, I justified the misses by saying that I am not omniscient, after all — and that is true. So, the one and only time I got proof – evidence – that I had provided information that I truly had no way of knowing was the reading I mentioned before, when the info came not from me, but from the man’s guardian angel and he instantly verified that it was true. If you’re interested, she came through like a character I might imagine for a novel – I didn’t actually hear her speak, but did clearly see her image in my mind’s eye the way you would if you were remembering a character from your favorite movie or tv show, only instead of controlling the dialogue the way I would if I were writing a scene between two or more characters, she kept flooding my mind with the dialogue. Yes, it was as creepy and/or cool as you’re thinking. Additionally, she was surprised, at first, that I was seeing her and trying to communicate and even more surprised that God was allowing it. But once she realized I could actually receive what she was saying back to me, she just kept repeating the same two statements over and over (to get on the plane to location x tomorrow, that she would walk him onto the plane if she could). And the guy was as shocked and overwhelmed as I was. Also, I had never been able to pick up on people’s family members either, and I could clearly see the man’s son and the son’s age while I was connected to his beautiful guardian angel, and was inundated with the man’s fear that he had been a bad parent and his regret over things left undone in the past. This disturbed me a lot because I was picking up on the energy of someone not present – his little boy and the little boy’s sadness as well – and I never wanted to be able to pick up on people who weren’t really there (such as discarnate spirits) ever. In the following two weeks, I thought a lot about what I was doing, what I was telling people and what God would want me to tell people, as a messenger. I broke it down: this man would have traveled to state x on an airplane, whether or not he saw me. It might have been later rather than sooner, but he already had the desire to go. In retrospect, it reminds me of the episode of The Mentalist where Patrick Jane says (in a flashback to his life before Red John) to the woman he’s giving a reading to who suspects her husband of cheating, “You know the answer. In your heart right now, you already know the truth.” So this man already half-planned to reconnect to his friends from the past and would eventually have gotten on the plane. Then, I reflected on the pain he had in his heart about his family and I knew he would have to forgive himself, that that kind of remorse doesn’t go away because you leave the state where the people you hurt live. It occurred to me that I should really be teaching people how to forgive since every problem comes down to that. But I didn’t know how to forgive myself so how could I teach others? I couldn’t. So I set out to learn how to forgive and I tried many many things until I whittled all the results of my trial and error down to the Forgiveness Method. I also quit doing readings and eventually forgave myself for giving people what amounted to cold readings when I wasn’t truly psychic. Over the coming months, I read many books along the lines of Why People Believe Weird Things and some time later watched a very intriguing Unsolved Mysteries compilation D.V.D. where psychics and cold readers were analyzed by members of the Center for Inquiry, including founder Paul Kurtz, as well as Michael Shermer (Shermer is also in several episodes of “Penn & Teller’s Bullshit” show on cable, including the one I mentioned that showcases the “hot” readers). It was very helpful to me to realize that my heart had been in the right place but if the truth was more important to me than protecting myself from the regret that seeing the truth would cause, then I would want to acknowledge my own human limitations. I did want to and I did acknowledge them. That being said, I also understood that for whatever reason, God did grant me a brief – albeit fourth amendment violating – glimpse into another person’s heart and memories via a guardian angel. I didn’t like it, I asked for it (seeing angels) to stop, and it never happened again. In many ways, I view the “real” mediums – like Jackie Barrett and Joseph Tittel – as most ideally serving humanity by helping law enforcement. I am of the school of thought that getting a connection to a loved one via a medium can be addictive. Connecting to the loved one and transcending a tangible loss with an intangible perception of connection allows us to deny sadness when ideally that sadness would come up as part of the grief process and lead to forgiveness and acceptance. That’s why my favorite part of Lisa Williams’ show is when she goes up to strangers and gives them a very short – comforting and startlingly accurate – reading for no money (yes, skeptics, a few of them seem cold, but check out the very first part of the very first episode of “Life Among the Dead” and the guy who was wearing the t-shirt with his deceased loved one’s face on it, under two other layers! I agree, a controlled environment is necessary to test and prove her skill hence this post). The other fascinating element of all the readings I’ve watched Joseph give is the incredible relief that appears on family members’ faces. It’s as though they really worried that the person’s soul was okay. You hear that over and over from Lisa and Joseph – that the loved one wants the family to know they’re okay. Some people doubt the existence of an afterlife or are consumed with the fear that something terrible awaits them or their deceased loved ones, especially if they were not kind in life. So when I see the relief flood onto the faces of family members during these filmed readings, I feel glad for them and so thankful that the medium could help them relax. Grief is hard enough without the fear of your loved one being punished in hell or twiddling their thumbs in limbo (there is no hell – unless you want to count Earth, the only realm with caste systems, “corrective” rape and child pornography). In some ways, it’s too bad the medium has to spend so much time verifying the identity of the soul coming through, but if even one person can sleep better at night knowing their deceased loved one is okay and surrounded by angels and other deceased loved ones either in Heaven or on the other side because the medium verified a detail that only the family member and the deceased soul know, then the greater good — the peace of mind — is worth it, in my assessment.

This brings me full circle to why I want one of the good psychics to take the JREF Challenge. I think it would primarily educate people in recognizing the difference between the real deal and the con artists and perhaps lead to the setting of a standard or rating for mediums and psychics who are a) con artists, b) good or insightful and c) those who truly have the gift.

Finally, I would LOVE to see the Jacob Wetterling case finally solved. On the show, “America’s Psychic Challenge,” (almost all of which you can watch on Lifetime’s website, which is what I did) both Jackie Barrett (the runner-up) and Michelle Whitedove (the winner) in addition to several other contestants, including Joseph Tittel, gave incredible readings to law enforcement when taken to the actual scene of a crime. I have literally been praying for Jacob Wetterling to be found since I was in third grade when he was kidnapped (in 1989). By life’s twists of fate, I would end up making a mint mocha for his mom eighteen years later while working in a coffee shop in the downtown St. Paul skyway. What a gift to her family – and to law enforcement who have tirelessly worked and re-worked this case, as recently as last summer – to finally be given clues that would close this case! Let’s join in prayer with the guardian angels of all families who mourn, for their hearts to be healed of all pain and sadness and for God to surround them with extra angels of peace, and let’s pray for all missing people to be found and their abductors identified and apprehended by the police. And, lastly, I pray that one of these awesome mediums will come forward with clues or other information that will close Jacob’s case.

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