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What if you missed your soulmate?

Greetings, lightworkers and earth angels!


Today let’s tackle a very legitimate question that a lot of us ask ourselves:


What if I missed my soulmate?


What if you have missed your soulmate? What if, out in the Universe, the two of you simply have not crossed paths? Or, you did cross paths, but didn’t get a chance to talk, or something/someone distracted you and you never officially “met”?



Then you will get a second chance.



Please sit in that cocoon of peace and love for a moment and really feel it. It’s called Mercy. It’s at the heart of the New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm that humanity is making the shift to! Forgiveness is what opens your heart chakra, and your soulmate’s heart chakra (their 4th chakra which is your 8th chakra), and causes humanity’s collective heart chakra to open. This will heal all the Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm notions of karmic debt, the wrath of God, and the concept of having to “pay” for making mistakes, and even the idea that if you believe that you don’t deserve your soulmate, that you will have to pay the price for having that “negative” belief by not getting them!





Now, please think of someone who has hurt you (or has hurt someone you love) in the past. Would you want them to experience never having their soulmate as punishment for what they’ve done to you? If you would, let’s simply acknowledge that for now. That’s a normal human reaction called vengeance and it helps us keep the sadness, the sadness that separation from God allows, at bay. Sadness is a potentially life-threatening emotion! The survival instinct will do whatever it takes to protect us from this pain. The problem, though, is that when we go into vengeance, we take our soulmate with us, even if we don’t know them.



The chakra mirror math that reveals our 8th chakra (our soulmate’s 4th chakra) also reveals the 4 chakra mirrors. The four mirrors are the 7/1, comprised of the crown chakra and root chakra, the 6/2, comprised of the third eye chakra and the sacral chakra, the 5/3, comprised of the throat chakra and the solar plexus chakra, and the 4/4 chakra mirror, comprised of our heart chakra and our soulmate’s heart chakra. The mirror part means that, for example, the 7th chakra is as open as the 1st and that a 1st chakra issue is really also a 7th chakra issue! And the same with the 6/2 and the 5/3 and the 4/4. So a vengeance issue in your 4th chakra is also reflective of an 8th chakra blockage.



So the good news is that the act of forgiveness in our life is the gift of love to their life. The flip side is, the withholding of forgiveness in our life is the theft of love from their life. Something to keep in mind as you decide to click into that Mercy/Forgiveness energy more and more often. Your soulmate could be in a dark place right now and your act of love could be just the burst of light to get them through it!



Now, forgiveness (which opens the 4th — and 8th! — chakra) requires acknowledging the sadness that separation from God allows. But until and unless we know how to forgive, it’s not safe to acknowledge sadness. A vicious cycle ensues.



And vengeance isn’t the only tool the survival instinct can use to protect us from sadness — from the pain of acknowledging sadness. It can use pride which is the denial of sadness (“I choose not to feel sadness; don’t take it personally; no one can hurt me without my permission”), it can use anger, and it can use vengeance (“They’ll get theirs, what goes around comes around”).



Mercy is a powerful cleansing healing energy that goes into your heart chakra and washes away all pain and suffering and leaves Joy in its place. To invoke this power, simply forgive.



Let’s do it together, starting with the first 2 steps of the Forgiveness Method:



Ask God to surround you with 1,000 angels of forgiveness. These angels work with Archangel Zadkiel — their energy is profoundly moving. It is like bright purple starbursts flooding into your aura and filling all your auric wounds and opening your heart.



Ask God to let your guardian angel stand behind you and flood your heart with love. Really feel the warm love of this angel — she is probably a feminine polarity angel though some incarnated angels have Archangel Gabriel or Archangel Michael as their guardian angel, especially those in law enforcement and other areas of the justice system. And a lot of reiki and sound healers have Archangel Raphael as their guardian angel. Feel the hands of this angel resting gently on your shoulders, flooding you with divine love.



Okay, so now you’ve asked,


“God, please surround me with 1,000 angels of forgiveness. Please let my guardian angel stand behind me and flood my heart with love.”



(What’s up with all the pleases and permission requests, right? It’s about inviting God into your 7th chakra of authority, making only God’s Will the dominant force/energy “up in” your crown chakra, neutralizing the influence of any energy up there not aligned to New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm and love and joy and healing, etc.)



Now, ask yourself, “Do I understand that my soulmate could not feel Love when he/she did not seek and find me and that’s why she/he has hurt me by not seeking and finding me?” (Remember, we’re acknowledging that Separation from God temporarily allows us to be hurt, to feel pain, to accidentally miss our own soulmate, and even to believe that we don’t have a soulmate — but it also allows us to experience the bliss of Oneness, so thank God for Separation!)



Now, I want you to get to “yes” here, but if this isn’t enough, then click on “Try the Method” above and go through the entire forgiveness method, forgiving your soulmate for hurting you by not loving you the way God did in Heaven when all souls were still merged into Oneness.



Remember, the temporary inability to feel God’s Love that Separation allows is also what causes accidents — trips, falls, car accidents, etc. Going forward, I ask you to please consider the fact that you don’t have your soulmate yet to be an accident! After all, you would never deliberately hurt each other in this way!


Now, forgive this person, giving the intense desire for his or her happiness anyway to God, in the form of a prayer:



“Please God, let my soulmate be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Love. Please don’t let this person hurt anyone else the way they have hurt me by not seeking and finding me. Please let us both be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy by the power of your love.”



Now, turn it around — their heart chakra is your 8th chakra, and your heart chakra is their 8th chakra. So maybe it’s them but maybe it’s you not seeking and finding them! In that case (and in case that is the case), let’s forgive ourselves now too, for hurting them. Remember, because of the nature of the 4/4 chakra mirror, if you are wanting them, they are wanting you too. To forgive ourselves, we ask,



“Please God, let me be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with love. Please don’t let me hurt anyone else in the same way I hurt my soulmate by not [seeking and] finding my soulmate [successfully]. Let us both be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy, by the power of your love.”



Now, some people don’t want their soulmate and aren’t looking — they will say interesting things like, “It’s time for me to just work on myself right now.” That’s cool — their soulmate is probably in a similar emotional space. Let’s join in prayer with their guardian angels for both of them to be filled with joy and love and to reunite in totally harmonious awesome ways when the time is ideal. YOU, on the other hand, keep forgiving, every morning and every night, knowing that this simple desire for each other’s happiness anyway, not because anyone has earned it with behavior that deserves it — Old J/V style — but simply because they exist — New M/F style — is what will allow you to click into that Mercy Cocoon, a very safe loving awesome space where you know that the timing is always perfect, even if you rejected your soulmate or they rejected you! It is inevitable that you will get that second — or third or fourth or fifth! — chance.



You are loved! By God and by all the angels in the Universe. I desire your happiness — anyway — right now today.


Angel blessings to you,

Snow Angel ^i^


P.S. On Friday, I’ll post an interesting follow up post on the top 4 reasons that soulmates are having trouble uniting or re-uniting on the Earth plane.

Lightworkers, do you want world peace? How about world joy? The open 4/4 chakra mirror is the key! Please join me and Earth’s seven billion guardian angels in praying for the heart of everyone on Earth to be filled with divine love so that every breath we take is a breath closer to Heaven on Earth.

The Chakra Mirror Math reveals the hidden 8th chakra which is our soulmate’s 4th chakra. What this means is that everyone has eight chakras comprised of four chakra mirrors. The 7th chakra is mirrored by the 1st and 7 + 1 = 8; the 6th chakra is mirrored by the 2nd and 6 + 2 = 8; and the 5th chakra is mirrored by the 3rd and 5 + 3 = 8. This leaves the 4th chakra, and so we ask ourselves, “What plus four equals eight?” Four. This secondary Heart Chakra is your soulmate’s Heart Chakra, and your degree of openheartedness is directly mirrored by that person’s. Their 4th chakra is your 8th chakra. And your 4th chakra is that person’s 8th chakra.



Before Separation, when our souls were still merged with God in a state of blissful Oneness, we were experiencing ecstasy but we didn’t know it, couldn’t perceive it. God couldn’t allow us to perceive pleasure without also allowing us to perceive pain. This is because Separation from God allows us to feel everything — not just joy — and is the only way we could perceive anything, pleasurable or painful. And God wanted us to be able to perceive the very best thing of all: Oneness. When we were merged into Oneness with God in Heaven, our soul had not yet separated from our soulmate’s soul. Therefore, Oneness with your soulmate is Oneness with God. However, the only way we can ever perceive the depth of such bliss is through making love on Earth where Separation allows us to contrast the moment of Oneness with the moment of Separation before and after. To know that beauty, that incredible gift of being able to give one other human being a tangible reminder of what Heaven was, and is, here on Earth, during that reunion of souls, is the whole point of existing outside the cocoon of Oneness. The beauty of the merging of our soul with the other half of it, our soulmate’s soul, and the merge of that whole back into the heart of God, is to merge with all of creation, everywhere, to dissolve space and time boundaries and know the inspiration that drives the expansion of the entire Universe. To make love is to create love, and to create love is to know God.



An open heart, or heart chakra, is the result of forgiving daily. Therefore the most effective action we can take to contribute to the ease and harmony of the shift from Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm to New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm is forgiving daily. However, forgiveness requires acknowledgment of the sadness that Separation from God allows. This means that neither the sadness nor the separation is an illusion; rather, it means that Separation allows a continuous stream of opportunities to forgive others. That is, to love them not because they have earned it with behavior that deserves it, but simply because they exist: to love the way that God does! It is only in an environment of not being able to feel God’s Love consistently and completely, through Separation, that we could receive these opportunities to forgive. Indeed, this is the first of two reasons God is allowing Separation: to know what it is to love for no other reason than because we can. That is power.



The second reason God is allowing Separation is to provide us with the ability to perceive Joy. Joy is the ability to feel God’s Love for us. When we say, “I’m happy,” what we are really saying is, “I can feel God’s Love for me right now.” When our souls were merged into Oneness with God in Heaven, we were experiencing Joy all the time, but we didn’t know it because we couldn’t perceive it in contrast to other emotions via Separation. Separation is not only real, it is God’s greatest gift to humanity because it allows us to perceive the bliss of Oneness through making love on Earth where our soul can experience merging with another soul and know the beauty of Oneness by contrasting it with the moment of Separation before and after.



Sadness, the polar opposite of Joy, is the indicator of a present inability to feel God’s Love. Sadness conflicts with the human survival instinct: we cannot work, protect and provide for ourselves or our offspring, or make the decision to fight or flee danger, and cry at the same time. This is why it is literally dangerous to acknowledge sadness. Forgiving is the antidote to Sadness because it fills (or refills) us with God’s Love. But, until we know how to forgive, it is not safe to acknowledge the Sadness we are feeling.



And until we acknowledge the Sadness, it won’t occur to us to forgive. A vicious circle ensues. Then, denying this sadness becomes a matter of Survival, which is how the concepts of Separation as an illusion and sadness as an illusion were born. In other words, if sadness isn’t real, then it can’t hurt us! If sadness is an illusion, then it can’t control us or cause us pain. This false logic allows us to deny the sadness and temporarily feel relief from the pain of Separation from God. In contrast, the act of forgiving transforms the pain of Separation from God (pain that includes, but is not limited to, sadness, anger, vengeance, and fear) back into Joy.



Separation allows us to momentarily be unable to feel God’s Love (Joy). This is why people hurt others: they could not feel God’s Love at the moment they took an action that caused pain. In fact, the question we might ask ourselves just before we forgive each day is: “do we understand that this person could not feel God’s Love when they hurt us (or another), and that’s why they hurt us (or another)?” When our heart is open, this natural empathy becomes our baseline emotion and is the foundation of New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm.



And forgiveness is a prayer. A prayer is a desire given to God. Where love is a desire for another person’s happiness, forgiveness is a desire for another person’s happiness anyway. The act of forgiving is the act of praying for ourselves and the other person to be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy (God’s Love). Once we can feel God’s Love again, we no longer hurt others. Why? Because we no longer have any desire to. Therein lies the miracle: by forgiving someone, we heal them. By healing them, we prevent them from hurting others in the same way they hurt us because they no longer desire to hurt others. Can you imagine a world where everyone forgives daily, each prayer veritably preventing more pain and sadness? Forgiveness is the way to Peace on Earth!



Because forgiving is the cause of an open heart, I created the seven step Forgiveness Method. It invokes the love of the angels because angels embody the radiance of an open heart chakra. If you could take forgiveness – the desire for another person’s happiness, no matter what they’ve done, are doing, or are considering doing in the future – and create a being who personified that Love, you would have an angel, a being whose love for humanity is one hug away from God. In the same way that God loves us, the angels love us not because we have earned it with behavior that deserves it, but simply because we exist. They love us because they can’t not love us.



Forgiving refuels us with equal parts Inspiration and Drive. When we are inspired, we are filled with joyful awareness of our original plan for world service, the one we designed at the soul level before we were born. When we are driven, we are filled with all the desire, patience, and perseverance necessary to take the progressive action to reach those goals. Inspiration + Drive = Motivation, and when the lightworker’s heart is open, Motivation transcends to Passion. Forgiving is the way to recharge both the Inspiration and Drive batteries daily. The result? A lightworker who is motivated to the point of being impassioned. All the time and energy spent on self-improvement now expands into the fourth chakra based soul-desire to improve the world, not by saving it, but by serving it.



Snow Angel


Greetings, lightworkers, earth angels, and new visitors to my site!


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Angel blessings,

Snow Angel ^i^


Greetings, earth angels and lightworkers and new visitors to my site!


I write all about soulmates and the heart chakra and the 8th chakra which is our soulmate’s heart chakra which often lends itself to the question, “Who is Snow Angel’s soulmate?” A great question, and one I wish I knew the answer to! People often ask me how I learned all of the things I teach but the word “learn” isn’t the word I’d choose because in truth the information is more downloaded into my brain than anything else. For example, over the past 12 years, whenever I didn’t know what decision to make or wondered why a situation existed in the state that it was in, I would ask God to surround me with legions of angels of Truth led by Archangel Michael and then ask God to flood my mind with all the truth in the Universe and my heart with all the Love in the Universe. After a few days, I’d know what to do. In more recent years, the answer comes more quickly. (And that is the process I used to create the Forgiveness Method and write Chakra Mirror Math as well.) However, the answer to my question about the identity of my soulmate has not been answered.


So yes, I’m on eHarmony. And Chemistry. I was on Match but didn’t like the way you could search anyone and I was also on OKCupid; and for the very same reason, I was unhappy with my experience. Ironically, those were the only two sites I met someone I wanted to meet in real life and while both people were very awesome when we met offline, they simply weren’t the One.


I really love the idea of online dating and compatibility-based matching systems. They are very methodical and in theory, ought to provide outstanding results. In practice, there aren’t enough people on the sites consistently for it to work this well. This is because people go on, then off, then back on, but not to the same site. And what are the chances your soulmate is on the the same site you’re on, at the same time? You get the idea. So, it’s a numbers game along with a perseverance game. Additionally, at the soul level, you will deliberately choose to keep missing your soulmate if it’s not the ideal time for you to meet! Why would we do this? How could it ever not be the right time? This is a question we can only answer in hind site, but using myself as the example, if I’d met my soulmate back in 2005, the very first time I signed up for eHarmony, I would have rejected him — rejected my own soulmate — in order to protect myself from potential loss.


On Friday, for the #ForgivenessFriday blog, I will talk about forgiving our soulmate and forgiving ourselves for anytime we didn’t love each other the way God did in Heaven when our souls were still merged into Oneness — Oneness both with each other and Oneness with God. I witnessed several soulmate relationships during the first 19 years of my life that were quite horrifying to watch — like a train wreck filmed and played back on slow motion that you are forced to watch over and over and over — and when I was 15, I asked God not to let me meet my soulmate if it would be like the relationships I had viewed when I was young. I can only know that God has answered that prayer and continue each day to love my soulmate and desire his happiness anyway, despite the fact that he is not in my life right now. We can all do this, starting now, and give that desire for our soulmate’s happiness to God in the form of a prayer. This will make you the conduit for divine love which will not only open your heart, but your soulmate’s heart, wherever he or she is in the Universe.


In the meantime, let’s put ourselves out there, keep our eyes open for when the Real Life Method kicks in and another person’s energy fills our auric wounds and ours fills theirs in corresponding ways (this is why it is possible to feel infatuation for both our soulmate and people who are not our soulmate while the heart is closed: the magnets in the auric wounds that compel us to seek certain types of people), forgive daily and take action to answer our own prayers for both the world’s happiness and our soulmate’s.


Angel blessings to you and perhaps today will be the day you join an online dating site or two! Or the day you will run into your soulmate out in the world!


God bless everyone on Earth to be blissfully reunited with their soulmate!


My Personality Test Results: NEGOTIATOR/director
(this is your dominant personality type)
SECONDARY: director
(you also show elements of this type)
about your personality

You have a broad overview of reality. You like to tackle large, complex issues and weigh all the variables involved. And you can be innovative and bold, generating new perspectives and providing imaginative solutions to ambiguous social, political, intellectual or technical problems.

You have fine tuned social skills, easily picking up the gestures, facial expressions and speech patterns of others and expressing yourself clearly and vividly. You are intuitive, too; you understand people, and genuinely sympathize with them. Because you are also flexible and cooperative, you are also good at working in teams.

Yet despite your poise in social situations, you often prefer solitude or informed and detailed conversations with just one individual or a few close friends. You try to avoid routine meetings and social engagements. You prize your independence.

You like to focus deeply and thoroughly on your interests. You can be exacting, tough-minded, analytical and strategic in your approach, too. You leave no stone unturned.

relating to others

You seek an authentic connection with just about everyone you meet, and you want to have in-depth discussions with friends and colleagues about ideas and feelings. You do not suffer fools gladly; “small talk” leaves you cold.

love and relationships

You are idealistic and romantic. You want to bond in a spiritual sense, communicate your innermost feelings and sustain an intense and meaningful relationship. You have a rich fantasy life. And, for you, sex must be mixed with romance and meaning. When you find true love, you focus your attention on your beloved. You give thoughtful gifts, are sensitive to your mate’s feelings and communicate your emotions clearly. You are capable of unconditional love. You can be irreverent about traditional marriage, however. You feel your personal commitment is the true marriage vow. In fact, you may be inclined to write your own vows and create a non-traditional wedding ceremony. You unconsciously gravitate to those who are imaginative and playful with ideas. You also like those with an unruffled calm and decisiveness, those who are ambitious, and those who can focus on their goals-individuals who complement your restless soul-searching.

with negotiator as your primary type, you can be:
• Good at seeing the big picture • Empathetic
• Imaginative • Trusting
• Intuative • Introspective
• Skilled verbally
with director as your secondary type, you can be:
• Decisive • Competitive
• Focused • Self disciplined
• Analytical • Independent
• Logical
Things negotiators need to be aware of:
  1. Because you can see so many angles to an issue or decision, you can be indecisive.
  2. You wrestle with the contradictory feelings of being too eager to please and being tough minded.
  3. When you feel betrayed you can be unforgiving and hold a grudge too long.


My OKCupid Dating Persona Test Results: I’m “the Sonnet.”


“Romantic, hopeful, and composed. You are the Sonnet. Get it? Composed?

Sonnets want Love and have high ideals about it. They’re conscientious people, caring & careful. You yourself have deep convictions, and you devote a lot of thought to romance and what it should be. This will frighten away most potential mates, but that’s okay, because you’re very choosy with your affections anyway. You’d absolutely refuse to date someone dumber than you, for instance.

Lovers who share your idealized perspective, or who are at least willing to totally throw themselves into a relationship, will be very, very happy with you. And you with them. You’re already selfless and compassionate, and with the right partner, there’s no doubt you can be sensual, even adventurously so.

You probably have lots of female friends, and they have a special soft spot for you. Babies do, too, at the tippy-top of their baby skulls.”

… the jury’s out on this one, everybody. Not quite as accurate as the Chemistry test!


Greetings, earth angels and lightworkers and new visitors to my site!


I am so excited to be blogging about this collaboration because it is a concept that has been in my mind for almost four years. When I first figured out the chakra mirror math and realized everything (all problems and solutions) starts in the 4/4 chakra mirror which is comprised of our heart chakra and our soulmate’s heart chakra, and that an open heart causes all of the other chakras to open, I began to ask myself, “who to forgive, for what?” regarding each of the chakra mirror topics. Forgiving opens the heart — and all the other chakras — and it occurred to me that a series of guided visualizations set to beautiful music would be a spectacular way to offer people the healing power of forgiveness in a focused, intentional, and auditorially pleasing way.



The title of the album? “Michelle Glaser Music presents Chakra Mirror Math Meditations by Snow Angel: Guided Visualizations for Healing the Auric Wounds with Divine Love.” We hereby cordially invite you to our Album Release Party at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community in Minneapolis on Friday, March 30, 2012. This is a free event and we would love to see you there!


For more info, please visit the event details on my new calendar page.


Angel blessings to you for a wonderful musical day filled with Joy and Love!

~Snow Angel







Forgiveness Friday: Mini Blog 1

Greetings, earth angels and lightworkers and new visitors to my site!


Every Friday, starting today, I’ll tweet the link to a short blog with a brief message on forgiveness. Today’s message is that we forgive others to the degree that we forgive ourselves.


We forgive others to the degree that we forgive ourselves.


And, we forgive ourselves to the degree that we forgive others. People sometimes say (or think), “I don’t have a problem forgiving others, but it’s so hard for me to forgive myself.” But when the heart is open, it’s open. The only thing that changes is the person being forgiven – either yourself or someone else. The act of forgiving remains the same. The degree of ease with which you forgive yourself is the degree of ease with which you forgive others.


This is the nature of Acceptance: when we accept ourselves as having flaws and still worthy of happiness, we accept others as having flaws and still worthy of happiness. It’s the same ability to accept, the same ability to love anyway. A helpful rule of thumb is if you’re not forgiving of yourself, you’re not forgiving. To be forgiving is to be forgiving of anyone. To be unforgiving is to be unforgiving, period. Your heart doesn’t more easily feel acceptance/forgiveness of others than of the self. Once the heart is open as a result of daily forgiveness, it loves and loves everyone and loves everyone and anyone anyway. The misunderstanding stems from not knowing the difference between Guilt and Shame and subsequently wanting to prevent others from feeling Shame over making a mistake they didn’t mean to make, for example, by saying, “Don’t be sorry – no apology necessary.” Going forward, we’ll simply say, “It’s okay, no problem,” and accept people exactly as they are. Ashamed, humiliated, apologetic, contrite – we’ll love them anyway, without rejecting their apology or criticizing them for being apologetic. And love ourselves in any of these emotional states, too!


You may also enjoy a previous post, How to Forgive.

Want to read the first 44 pages of Chakra Mirror Math? Click here.

Want to buy CMM as either an eBook (now just 99 cents) or soft cover? Check out’s sister website and scroll down for all the links to Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


Remember, with every prayer of forgiveness we give, our heart chakra (our 4th chakra) opens, and so does our 8th chakra, our soulmate’s heart chakra. God bless everyone on Earth to be healed of all pain and sadness, filled with joy, and blissfully reunited with their soulmate.


Angel blessings for a beautiful heart chakra opening day!

~Snow Angel ^i^





The Countdown to 2012 continues … post 8.


Good Evening, fellow lightworkers and earth angels and newcomers to my website! Welcome to the eighth post of the countdown. (If you missed the pre-countdown post dated 12/13/11, you may enjoy reading that one first. You can also click on the tag “Countdown” at the end of this post and all the countdown posts will pop up. Just scroll to the bottom for the very first one.)



As it turns out, people on Earth are having a lot of sex. And also, people are doing quite a few drugs, and often. In contrast, people are not getting as much restorative sleep as they ideally would. There’s a divine purpose behind our human drive to seek sleep. During deep “slow-wave” sleep or delta sleep, when our brain waves slow down to between 0.5–2 Hz, the soul merges with God which is deeply restorative. (If you have ever awakened feeling totally refreshed, you probably cycled through several delta phases without awakening between them to go to the bathroom or being awakened by some external noise or touch. More on how to enjoy that high quality of sleep more often, coming up.) During REM sleep, the part of the sleep cycle during which we dream, another divine purpose is served as well. Think of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep as an excretory mechanism of the subconscious mind. It allows us to get out (excrete) all the random images and sensations that crossed our minds briefly during the day, in addition to acknowledging and then excreting those images/topics we were afraid to consider or disturbed us too much to fully process during our waking hours, through our dreams. Often, the dreams that cause us to wake up are the ones that our soul simply wants us to think about — and feel about — briefly before going back into a restorative sleep state.



Our survival instinct compels us to sleep. In many ways, the survival instinct, which also compels us to mate, eat, drink water, and seek protection from the elements, is a tool that God uses to make sure the entire species survives, not only by compelling us to meet our survival needs but to protect ourselves from emotional pain such as sadness, shame and the danger of not perceiving ourselves as existing which compels us to seek human mirrors who share the same — or at least a similar — perception of our Self as the one we have of our Self. The compulsion to sleep allows God a way to ensure that we will merge back into Oneness without having to die to do it! And the combination of REM sleep and delta (deep) sleep during a healthy sleep cycle is God’s way of ensuring that we not only merge back into Oneness but excrete the emotional and mental residue and waste (think of it as “mind excrement” or “awareness phlegm”) of our waking hours via a good night’s sleep.



Two things make it harder for our soul to merge with God during sleep: one is causal and one associated. Both are mentioned in the title of this blog post. The first is drugs. Any mind-altering chemical in our bloodstream will prevent us from merging into Oneness with God. Interestingly, the brain of a person so drunk that they pass out is operating at delta wavelengths. But the person’s soul is not merging into Oneness with God because of the alcohol. The REM sleep doesn’t even come close to wiping the slate clean because it is working overtime to excrete the emotional and mental waste of the drunken period of time spent awake, and doesn’t even get a chance to start on excreting the emotional and mental waste of the normal waking hours. (Kind of like if you started working out an hour a day on the StairMaster but then added a whole pie to your breakfast meal. You just canceled out the 600 calories burned on the machine plus added 1200 more — give or take, depending on the pie and your metabolism and your rates of resistance and speed on the StairMaster.) Now, a glass of wine and even a cup or two of coffee have both been shown to have health benefits in double blind studies. The key is to go to sleep after the chemicals are completely out of your system. Every body is different. For me, it takes a full seven to eight hours after drinking coffee or espresso for it to leave my system. One glass of wine is out of my system in two hours. The interesting thing that happens as the heart opens is that the desire to love replaces all desire to feel buzzed, high or drunk.



The second thing that makes it harder for our soul to merge with God during sleep is sex without love. Now, sex without love doesn’t cause us to be unable to merge back into Oneness. Rather, it causes the heart to close which makes the challenges of life on Earth harder to address with acknowledgment and then to follow that acknowledgment with progressive action that leads to solutions that bring Joy to ourselves and others. Then, once the heart is closed, we often become addicted to a Rush of Relief (see postscript at very bottom of post) that allows us to feel temporary respite from the pain that Separation from God allows us to feel during life, pain that we perceive more intensely when we don’t how to forgive. What provides this rush of relief from pain? It could be anything but for many human beings it is often a combination of sex and drugs. Then going to sleep with drugs in our system prevents us from merging into Oneness with God during delta sleep and cleaning the slate during REM sleep … you can see where this is going. The next morning we wake up feeling an awful lot like crap. So we use more drugs and have more sex without love to get relief. Then that night, we again skip Oneness with God and a vicious cycle ensues. Not all lightworkers have had — or desire to have — sex without love if the alternative, Oneness with our Soulmate, isn’t available. I am generalizing in this paragraph; of course not everyone has sex without love or uses mind- and emotion-altering substances.



Something else happens when we have sex without love: our chakras merge with the other person’s — along with our soul — and we exchange arcs of energy flowing back and forth between each chakra. When there is not a mutual desire for each other’s happiness (when we love someone, we desire their happiness), we end up taking on their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th chakra issues! And they take on ours. Their 6th chakra vision of our sense of Self — our self-image — and their 6th chakra vision of our future influence our vision of our future and our image of our Self. Yes, we influence theirs as well, and this is why it is doubly important not only to realize this effect of sex without love on our own 6th chakra, but the implications of this effect on our soulmate, his or her 6th chakra, his or her 6/2 mirror, and all the other areas of his or her life too!



Not only will our own issues effect this person, whoever they are, wherever they are, now all the issues of any of our past and present sexual partners will too because of the chakra mirror math. If you are not familiar with the chakra math that reveals the hidden 8th chakra, here is part of the blurb/synopsis from the back cover of Chakra Mirror Math:


The chakra mirror math reveals your hidden 8th chakra. Your 7th chakra is mirrored by your 1st and 7 + 1 = 8. Your 6th chakra is mirrored by your 2nd and 6 + 2 = 8. Your 5th chakra is mirrored by your 3rd and 5 + 3 = 8. The Heart Chakra remains and 4 + 4 = 8. This secondary Heart Chakra is your soulmate’s Heart Chakra, and your degree of openheartedness is directly mirrored by that person’s. Your soulmate’s 4th chakra is your 8th chakra. This secret chakra is the chakra that you influence, and that influences you, no matter how near or far apart you and your soulmate may be on the physical plane. What this means is that even if you do not know the identity of this person, the act of love in your life is the gift of love to their life.


The most unique element of the chakra mirrors between soulmates is that one partner’s 7th chakra can (will!) influence the other partner’s 1st chakra. And vice versa. And one partner’s 6th chakra will influence the other partner’s 2nd. And vice versa. And one partner’s 5th chakra will influence the other partner’s 3rd. And vice versa. It all goes back to the heart. The 4/4 mirror — in which one person’s heart chakra will influence inexorably the other partner’s heart chakra, and vice versa — is the key! Now, this element of the mirrors — a true reflection of the degree of openness — is only present in soulmate relationships.  So let’s say you are in a romantic relationship right now but not with your soulmate. If you start forgiving this person daily, which will cause your 4th chakra to open, it will definitely cause your current partner’s heart to open too, but not necessarily to the same degree. In fact, the more your heart opens, the more clear it will become, via an open third eye which allows us to see the ideal vision our soul holds for our lifepath up in our 6th chakra, that this person is not your soulmate.



Now if you’ve been following the “Countdown to 2012″ so far, you’ll recall Post 6 on psychic attack & the 6/2 chakra mirror: psychic attack is rooted in the 6th chakra but reflected down in the 2nd chakra. In a fascinating way, the most insidious type of psychic attack possible is the false image of another person and false visions of their future we hold in our own mind’s eye and soul’s eye (our third eye) when we envision ourselves with them forever when they are not truly our soulmate. This can happen because we met them when our heart was closed and so the 6th chakra visions are romantic fantasies based in the survival instinct’s compulsion to mate and procreate and/or based in the compulsion to find our identity through a “we” instead of an “I” in order to avoid any shame and sadness we associate with being single. When the heart is open, we are impelled by the open 4th chakra’s desire to love rather than the need to be loved. And if our soulmate is not present, we give the gift of our love to humanity.



Forgiving daily opens the heart chakra, and with every prayer we give for humanity’s collective happiness (Joy, which is the ability to feel God’s Love), the gap between each pair of soulmates on Earth shrinks. We might ask, “Who to forgive first?” How about our soulmate! Let’s ask God to heal all pairs of soulmates on Earth of all pain and sadness and fill them all with Joy. Has one hurt the other in any way? Simply ask God to heal both people, fill them with Joy, and to prevent both parties from hurting anyone else in the same way they hurt each other in the past. Forgiveness heals pain and prevents future pain of the same nature. How? By filling us with Joy. When we can feel God’s Love, we do not hurt others. Why? Because we have no desire to.



Angel blessings for deep restorative sleep & prayers for blissful reunion with your soulmate in 2012!

~Snow Angel ^i^



Post Script:

Sleep is an element of the 7/1 Authority/Survival mirror, a.k.a the God/Money mirror because God, the ultimate authority, compels us via the Survival Instinct to sleep in order to both survive and thrive. When the heart is open, we are profoundly aware of our own autonomy (chakra 7) and begin to thrive (chakra 1), first as individuals, then as a whole, as humanity’s collective heart chakra opens.

A few interesting things that are covered in Chakra Mirror Math but just got too long for this post:

*the Rush of Relief (that is the title of a whole chapter in CMM)

*how sex can be addictive, especially for lightworkers; people who become addicted to sex are often seeking the Oneness that the merge with God during Delta sleep, ironically, would provide; and this addiction is exacerbated by the desire almost everyone experiences at some point in life to find and merge with the other half of their soul, in order to know Oneness right here on Earth

*Oneness with our Soulmate is Oneness with God; sex with Love with our Soulmate is how we are able to experience the awareness of Oneness by being able to contrast it with the moment of Separation before and after



*Excellent description of the stages of sleep on Wikipedia

*God (Thanks, God, for the miraculous connection to the internet tonight — makes no sense, but I’m not going to argue with Awesome)







The Countdown to 2012 continues … post 4.


Good Morning, fellow lightworkers and earth angels and newcomers to my website! Welcome to the fourth post of the countdown. (If you missed the pre-countdown post dated 12/13/11, you may enjoy reading that one first. You can also click on the tag “Countdown” at the end of this post and all the countdown posts will pop up. Just scroll to the bottom for the very first one.)



New Year’s Resolutions are interesting because they show us where we don’t accept ourselves exactly the way we are. They are based in that “not enough” mindset we talked about on Day 2 of the Countdown. And when we meet people who accept themselves as overweight or unfit or as chain-smokers or binge drinkers, etc., it can feel unsettling when they display an acceptance of the shadow self, the parts of their human personality that request not approval but acceptance. In contrast, we, as lightworkers — who so often put the work in lightwork by focusing on self-improvement — often find ourselves “working” on ourselves, as if we were an old house in need of constant renovation. This quest for self-improvement can preclude acceptance. An ongoing path of self-improvement may, ironically, find its origins in deep auric wounds, expressing themselves in the present day personality as feelings of disapproval and lack of acceptance, before the fourth chakra is open. The question I ask in this post is, how can we make new year’s resolutions — and stick to them — from a place of openhearted acceptance so that we joyfully maintain our resolve throughout 2012?





Before we answer that question, and to put the (my) answer into perspective, let’s pretend for just one moment that one facet of our life or personality that we have some desire to improve upon is no longer alterable. So, for example, if you were going to resolve to save more money, imagine just for a second, that you will not be able to or if you were going to embark on a weight reduction program, that losing weight is no longer possible. Now, take it a step further. What would you do — and how would you feel — if everything about you and your life right now were going to stay the same?



In the back of your mind, of course, I ask you to please stay aware of the incredible power of influence you have over the quantity and quality of your own life and even other people’s to a degree. And because you most likely already are acutely aware of your power of influence, this situation might be a challenge to even imagine. But for the sake of understanding the nature of acceptance, let’s explore this scenario a little further.



You might recall those resolutions from previous years that were forgotten by the time February or March rolled around. What happened? If you gave up, was it because you lost hope? Or needed more motivating? Possibly. But more likely, you simply accepted yourself as you are and because your self-acceptance outweighed your flaw-disapproval, you simply forgot or lost interest in changing something that, at the deepest level, you accept about yourself. Most people do accept themselves pretty much the way they are, even if they don’t work out as much as they’d like and even if they do have some addiction or other bad habit. Then there’s the other extreme: making new resolutions everyday, all year long — this is exhausting because it requires constant self-criticism.



Is there a happy medium? Yes. Improvement is good, after all. But at the same time, there’s a fascinating paradox: when the heart is closed, we feel a need to identify our flaws with an inner flaw-detector, then declare them to others, and ruminate on them accordingly. It’s a way of punishing ourselves for being flawed in the first place. (Forgiving daily heals this compulsion.) When the heart is open, we feel a desire to take progressive action according to an inspired plan that will drive us toward a desired outcome. So the closed heart says, “I need to change. How I am right now is wrong.” The open heart says, “I desire to take action. I desire to serve in ways that bring Joy to myself and others.” The second perception emanates from the open fourth chakra; the first is based in a survival instinct derived compulsion to display submission and is a way to protect ourselves from being punished by those who could withhold money, food and shelter, love or other acknowledgement of our existence, in case we eventually achieve success which could make them feel threatened and/or inferior.


Remember a moment ago when I asked you to imagine — for just a second — that nothing about you or your life could be changed? Acceptance, often referred to as surrender, is a feeling of Joy over simply existing. In other words, the open heart accepts everything that cannot be changed as “the way it is” and is filled with desire to take action to change those situations that can be improved — and the act of service becomes its own reward, its own replenishing source of Joy. On Earth, it is very rare to be completely unable to use the power of influence to improve a situation, but it does happen sometimes. However, the power of forgiveness to heal and prevent future pain of the same nature remains. This is why love is the greatest power there is: it is specifically the power of influence, only forgiveness uses God who is Love as the influencer instead of our actions. We simply become the conduit for the divine love to improve the situation. In other words, the only action that is taken is the act of forgiving.



Amazingly, the more filled with acceptance we are, the more filled with desire to take action we are. So if you typically resolve every January 1 to work out three times a week going forward, but by March have generally stopped your gym membership autopay, imagine for a moment what it would feel like to desire to work out. No more, “I need to, I should, I have to” work out. Those phrases of obligation that compel us to follow the orders of an inner supervisor (or warden) who leverages control from the closed third chakra is how we maintain the presence of authority figures from the past while they are not physically present. It is a way of submissively honoring the way they acknowledged our identity in the past (as flawed and deserving of criticism) and in so doing, we declare that those rules still apply in the present and that we are obediently following them. Those authority figures are “up in” our 7th chakra of authority, influencing our perception of self, via the 7/1 mirror, with an etheric hand which, for some people, is more akin to an etheric iron fist. The easiest most effective way to heal that kind of pain is to forgive any authority figure (7th chakra), past or present, who uses or used obligation to leverage control over you and influence your feelings regarding your worthiness to exist (1st chakra). You would simply ask God to heal you of all pain and sadness and to fill your heart with love, to heal the the person you are forgiving of all pain and sadness and fill their heart with love, and then ask that this person not hurt anyone else in the same way in the future. When we give the desire for another person’s happiness up to God in the form of a prayer, instead of praying for their punishment, despite the fact that they may have very deeply hurt us our someone else we love, we are forgiving them. The key is desire. Desire for another person’s ability to feel Joy (God’s Love) very logically prevents future pain of the same nature. How? Because people who can feel God’s Love no longer take action to deliberately hurt others. Why? Because they have no desire to.



And forgiving opens the heart. Remember, the open heart chakra causes an open solar plexus (third) chakra, and causes a commensurate opening in all the other chakras, including your 8th chakra which is your soulmate’s heart chakra, as well!



As the collective heart chakra opens, humanity becomes more forgiving and more inspired and driven to take action. Now that you know what you know about forgiveness as the way to open the heart and refuel with inspiration and drive, you won’t necessarily wait until the first of the year to begin working out, eating more healthfully, etc. When you forgive, your heart opens and you will naturally feel filled with desire to take action to achieve your goals. When the heart opens, our goals often change to match the acceptance based energy of New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm which is anchored in humanity’s blossoming collective heart chakra. So this year, I ask you to make one resolution that involves service to humanity. Perhaps you’ll consider resolving to volunteer one hour per month or signing one petition per week or writing one letter per year to an elected official whose power of influence effects the quality and quantity of your life along with the lives of his or her other constituents. You are influential beyond measure when you forgive and measurably influential when you then take action to cause world improvement and serve humanity. All the self-improvement resolutions you may have struggled with in the past will also click into place slowly but surely as you forgive daily: you’ll find yourself easily and joyfully doing the things you may have had to cajole or force yourself to do in the past.



When you think of someone to forgive whose past usage of obligation phrases may still be influencing your present day emotions by locking you into the need mindset of a closed third chakra instead of the desire heartset of an open fourth chakra, who comes to mind?



Angel blessings,

Snow Angel






The Chakra Mirrors are steppingstones that we, as lightworkers and earth angels and peaceful warriors, can use to hop onto and prance our way to World Joy. In fact, what I want for Christmas is a Weird Al remake of Lady GaGa’s Just Dance called Just Prance.



If you’re just tuning into this countdown, here’s a brief recap of the Chakra Mirror Math:

The chakra mirror math reveals your hidden 8th chakra. Your 7th chakra is mirrored by your 1st and 7 + 1 = 8. Your 6th chakra is mirrored by your 2nd and 6 + 2 = 8. Your 5th chakra is mirrored by your 3rd and 5 + 3 = 8. The Heart Chakra remains and 4 + 4 = 8. This secondary Heart Chakra is your soulmate’s Heart Chakra, and your degree of openheartedness is directly mirrored by that person’s. Your soulmate’s 4th chakra is your 8th chakra. This secret chakra is the chakra that you influence, and that influences you, no matter how near or far apart you and your soulmate may be on the physical plane. What this means is that even if you do not know the identity of this person, the act of love in your life is the gift of love to their life. If you consider yourself to be a lightworker, a peaceful warrior, or a paradigm shifter, then let Chakra Mirror Math be your guide on your daily journey to opening your heart, your soulmate’s heart and humanity’s collective Heart Chakra.



The chakra mirror math shows us how areas of Life on Earth — and their associated challenges and joys — actually reflect a challenge in another, correponding, area of life.


*The 7/1 Mirror is the Authority/Survival Mirror but we could also call it the God (who is the ultimate authority)/Money (which helps us attain things necessary for survival) Mirror. So when we’re experiencing a money/survival challenge, it’s actually reflective of an Authority/God issue, and when we experience feelings of being undeserving or unworthy of existing (surviving), it’s reflective of feeling disconnected from God.


*The 6/2 Mirror is the Vision/(Pro-)Creativity Mirror so when we’re experiencing a block on “getting clear” on our vision for the future, including setting clear goals and achieving them, it’s actually reflective of a creativity issue. The second chakra, which relates to our sexual feelings, desires, and experiences, is in turn reflective of the vision we hold of our identity and our future. Creative energy is sexual energy. Whether we’re channeling it into scrapbooking or baking cookies or engaging in casual hook-ups or making love with our soulmate and/or creating new life (procreating), we’re taking creative (or destructive) action which will influence the future, and our place in that future.


*The 5/3 Mirror is the Communication/Power Mirror and when the heart is open, we call it the Communication/Service Mirror because we serve from an open 4th chakra, to communicate Love. The act of forgiving is the essence of the 5/3 Mirror from an open heart because forgiveness is a prayer — communication to God — that transforms our very human body, the vessel for our soul, into a conduit for Divine Love that allows us to serve humanity, by loving them.



When we love someone, we desire their happiness (their ability to feel Joy). When we forgive someone, we love them anyway. We desire their happiness anyway. And the most effective way to get someone healed and back to that place of Joy (where they have no desire to hurt anyone else) is to give our desire for their happiness to God so God can use us as the conduit and return the favor! We ask God, “please let me be healed of all pain and sadness and let the other person be healed of all pain and sadness. Please don’t let ____ hurt anyone else in the same way they hurt me.” (Or, if we are forgiving someone for hurting someone else, “Please don’t let _____ hurt anyone else the way they hurt [whoever the somone else is.]“) You might try this the next time someone cuts you off on the road while driving. Or cuts someone else off on the road and almost causes an accident. Your physical body, via your heart chakra and physical heart, will become a conduit for God’s Love. The person you forgive is healed of any intentional desire to hurt others and any tendency to accidentally hurt others! Forgiving is the greatest act of love we will perform in our lifetime on Earth. It’s the most powerful service (3rd chakra) there is because it invokes love which heals pain and prevents future pain of the same nature, simply by asking God (communicating — 5th chakra) to fill the person we are forgiving with Love.



Now let’s touch on the 4/4 Mirror which we could call the Love/Forgiveness Mirror. Every time we forgive, our heart opens that much more and so does our soulmate’s. Additionally, the open heart causes the other chakras to open. So whenever we address an authority/money issue or a vision/creativity issue or a communication/power issue with Love — by forgiving — we lay the groundwork for taking resolution oriented action to solve the problem and (such awesome multitasking!) open our soulmate’s heart at the same time.



It all comes back to the heart. An issue may seem confined to one chakra but really, the issue was originally caused (and is perpetuated by) a closed fourth chakra. The chakra mirror math allows us to view and understand our entire etheric body, including the personality overlay comprised of geometric patterns, imprints, and wounds, which is part of the auric field, along with the chakras, in a detailed and holistic light.



The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This means a pie isn’t just crust + fruit + sugar + butter + spices, it’s a delicious desert that we have labeled pie because the whole is greater than simply the sum of the ingredients. And the chakra system is greater than a 1st, a 2nd, a 3rd, a 4th, a 5th, a 6th and a 7th chakra. It’s a holistic, interdependent, system — much like the organs in the digestive system or the excretory system or the cardiovascular system. What effects one organ will have an effect on the others in that system, and then, because all of the systems are in turn interrelated, eventually on organs in another system.



The Year 2012 is likely to be filled with opportunities to prevent future pain of the same nature. As lightworkers, we can communicate our desire for World Joy by serving with our words and our actions, and strengthen our vision of what World Joy might entail as we channel our creative/sexual energy into progressive action. Our relationship with authority will become more and more reflective of love and peace and harmony as our relationship with God becomes anchored in forgiveness and the desire for other people’s happiness. This in turn will ensure that humanity not only survives, but thrives, for millennia to come!



Who comes to mind when you think of someone you wish could be so filled with Joy and Divine Love that they never desired to take an action that caused someone else pain again? Let’s join in prayer with the Circle of Angels that perpetually surrounds the Earth and envelops it in a cocoon of divine Love for God to fill not only that person with Joy but everyone on the entire planet!


“Dear God,

please let everyone on Earth be healed of all pain and sadness

and filled with Joy by the power of your Love.”



Angel blessings,

Snow Angel





The Countdown to 2012 has begun!


Good Morning, fellow lightworkers and earth angels and newcomers to my website! Welcome to the first post of the countdown. (If you missed the pre-countdown post dated 12/13/11, you may enjoy reading that one first. It was “Birthday Reflections” and immediately preceded this post.)


The year 2012 is the year we’ve been waiting for, the year that humanity’s collective heart chakra will spend preparing to open so that we can make the transition from Old Justice/Vengeance Paradigm to New Mercy/Forgiveness Paradigm. Millions of lightworkers around the world have been laying the groundwork for a relatively drama-free transition from the current state of events to World Joy.


When you think of World Joy, what comes to mind? It’s interesting to consider world joy and contrast it with world peace. Where peace implies an absence [lack] of fear, joy implies the presence of love [enough]. Often what people are most focused on achieving – because they perceive themselves to be in a state of deficit, and by that I mean, to be in a constant state of lacking something, be it peace or prosperity or awareness — reveals what they were shamed for not being or doing in the past. Intense emotional experiences that happen to us before puberty imprint our auric field and literally shape and mold our sense of self. The intense feelings of shame, sadness and/or danger we experienced during a moment in childhood where we felt we might not survive, or felt stupid (ashamed/humiliated) or felt sad (and were possibly shamed for feeling sad or crying, at the same time) cause a depression or wound in our auric field, one that is filled with the other person’s energy, usually an authority figure we would have done anything to please. When we grow up, because that energy filled that auric hole for so long and so intensely, we often feel compelled to seek others with a similar energy in order to maintain an identity that long ago rooted itself in a perception of ourselves as not enough of _______. So for example, not smart enough, not confident enough, not good enough, and in general, not enough. Our very perception of ourselves as existing depends on finding and maintaining relationships with those who perceive us the same way we were most intensely and most frequently perceived prior to the time our auric field set.


(The setting of the auric field happens around age 25 when the human brain finally stops growing: the prefrontal cortex, the last part of the brain to mature, governs reasoning and impulse control. This is why, at age 25, car insurance rates go down: we become more reasonable, less impulsive, and also less easily influenced by others with very strong energy. In other words, the human brain and the auric field “set” right around the same time. I go into this topic at length in Chakra Mirror Math because we also begin to take fewer risks.)



So you can probably imagine how this leads many people to perceive themselves as deeply lacking something or many things, and because they feel compelled by the magnetism of their auric wounds to seek those who perceive others as deeply lacking, they end up constantly feeling deficient and filled with the need for something — and the only answer is more. More money, more power, more sex, more love, more more more more more more! (Or more cowbell if you’re Christopher Walken on SNL.)


An abundance of Cowbell


This applies to the concept of World Peace as well. This is because peace isn’t something we perceive until after we’ve felt fear. Then we want more peace because there’s been too much fear. Now, let’s apply that same logic to the emotion joy. As humans, we can feel Joy without ever having known sorrow or grief or despair or agony or sadness or a broken heart. Children laugh like hysterical little hyenas on the playground. Babies coo and smile and even chuckle without ever knowing loss. Peace, in contrast, requires war or anxiety or terror to be experienced first — then the desire for peace becomes that internal driving force.


In World Joy, rather than an abundance of everything we could ever want or need, humanity would simply enjoy enough. An abundance is in truth a surplus! When everyone has enough, it’s because no one feels compelled to seek more more more more. And the reason no one feels compelled to seek more, is because no one is walking around with auric wounds that make them feel like they’re not _____ enough, or don’t have enough ______. The collective heart chakra is open and filled with divine love! (So, filled or full — not overflowing, because that would indicate a surplus. There would be enough.) The open heart chakra causes this perception of there being enough for everyone. Everyone would know how to forgive so the open heart chakra is in turn easily and joyfully maintained. Whenever there was a conflict, the people involved would forgive to get back to joy. So, rather than an absence of conflict altogether, the presence of conflict would simply be easily and quickly resolved through the power of forgiveness to heal and open the heart chakra which in turn prevents future pain of the same nature. (How? Because people’s whose hearts are open do not take action to deliberately hurt other people. Why? Because they have no desire to.) Everyone would have what they wanted — but what specifically those desires entailed might drastically change. Ironically, many people may want a whole lot less! From page 67 of “Chakra Mirror Math:”



When the heart is open, we have no desire to take what
we want at the expense of others.
No justification regarding our degree of deserving is necessary.
When the heart is closed, we can’t feel desire for
the things we already have.
No feeling of sustained desire is possible.



The Year 2012 is likely to be a year of transformation for many people in all areas of their lives. I do not predict the future. Rather, I view the incredible progress of humanity throughout history and measure the likelihood of future gigantic leaps and incredible bounds of a similarly impressive nature. When people doubt that the date of World Joy is already on the calendar, I remind them how many people doubted that the slaves would be freed after the Civil War, that women would get the right to vote, and that there would be a black president. The internet will unite more lightworkers more effectively than ever before: in fact, the democratic participation at the core of the world wide web will be the framework for offline world wide joy. So not only are we able to join in prayer with the Circle of Angels that perpetually surrounds the Earth and envelops it in a cocoon of love for everyone on Earth to be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy, we are then able to take action to answer our own prayer, on and offline.



2012 is also likely to be a year of soulmate reunions for lots and lots of lightworkers. The internet we just spoke of is an incredible tool with which to override the survival instinct’s compulsions to seek a certain type of person (“our type,” the personality type that the wounds and imprints in our auric fields compel us to seek, via our “Lovemap”) by taking away our ability to detect fertility and virility indicators in person, the kind that cause us to feel compelled to mate and reproduce and ensure the survival of our species. Instead the internet allows us to seek someone who desires the same kind of lifestyle we do and has the same values and spiritual views as our own. Imagine an internet world free of both too-much and not-enough, and an in-real-life world that emulates that ideal ratio. When applied to soulmates, that situation would allow us to experience a joyful — blissful — reunion with our other half, free of the drama of missed connections, relationships with people who are not only not our soulmate, but not compatible with us, and free of the pain and sadness soulmates who reject each other endure (until they forgive and get back together — if they eventually do). Then, as humanity’s collective heart chakra opens even further, the use of the internet as a filter will no longer be necessary, as openhearted soulmates will never confuse someone who is not his or her soulmate with the person who is, because the survival instinct’s compulsion to procreate is transformed into a desire to create, whether that’s creating new life or creating a brand new life for the pair of newly reunited soulmates.



Want to start out your Countdown to 2012 with joy and love in your heart? Imagine a world where every morning, everyone on Earth awakened and rolled out of bed or off the sleeping mat or futon and joined in prayer with the Circle of Angels:

God, I join in prayer with the Circle of Angels that perpetually surrounds the Earth and envelops it in a cocoon of love for everyone on Earth to be healed of all pain and sadness and filled with Joy!



Why would we do this? We would give this prayer each morning because in doing so, we would become a conduit for divine love. As we give the desire for World Joy up to God, our physical body, the vessel for our soul, anchors love to Earth, opening the collective heart chakra even further. So how would this cause World Joy? When the heart is open, people do not hurt others. Why not? Because they have no desire to.



Angel blessings to you and have a great day!


~Snow Angel